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    I've edited my original post so I hope it now makes sense.

    I'm sure there have been plenty of posts about this in the past but if not, why on earth hasn't someone posted and why has BlackBerry not reacted?!!

    I have just returned my Classic and bought my first Q10 (more on that in another post) and was a 9900 and 9000 user previously.

    The view of an email on the Q10 is awful. It's not awful because of the relatively small screen, or the size of the font, nor for an actual lack of space. It's awful because the layout is unnecessarily terrible. Look at my screen shots below of an email and then look at the CB screen shot (by way of comparison). The screen shot of the Groupon email is from my Q10.

    Suggestions to improve:

    1. The Reply/Reply All/Forward buttons are unnecessary when there are great keyboard short cuts that no other phone comes close to matching.

    2. The BlackBerry Hub Bar could be 75% smaller.

    3. The Subject of the email could be 75% smaller too.

    4. I do not need to see the top bar (Battery, Clock, Networks) when I am in an email.

    So with relatively small physical screen, BlackBerry should bear this all in mind and learn from the likes of the CB app and how it has flexible views that make maximum use of the screen.

    Anyone know if there is an immediate fix for this now?

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    Groupon email screen shot on Q10:
    Attachment 330908

    CB screenshot... great use of compact Q10 screen.
    Attachment 330913
    Attached Thumbnails Q10 Email View-img_20150130_205004.png   Q10 Email View-img-20150130-wa002.jpg  
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    01-30-15 03:13 PM
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    I don't think the second screenshot is of the Hub's...
    01-30-15 03:23 PM
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    What am I looking at?

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    01-30-15 03:39 PM
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    Q10 Email View-img_20150130_205037.png
    Q10 Email View-img_20150130_205004.png

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    01-30-15 03:43 PM
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    I'm confused
    01-30-15 05:58 PM
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    What is going on here?

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    01-30-15 08:46 PM
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    Lol. What? Where? Huh?

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    01-31-15 04:05 AM
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    Long press to edit your original post.

    You're welcome

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    01-31-15 05:29 AM
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    What is going on here?

    Posted via CB10

    Posted via CB10
    01-31-15 09:39 AM
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    See above now for corrected post and better screen shot examples.

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    01-31-15 09:40 AM
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    Trying to make sense of this post. In the words of 'Sweet Brown' - "Aint nobody got time for that".
    (youtube it if you don't know what I'm talking about)
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    01-31-15 10:17 AM

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