1. Steve Boman's Avatar
    Ok- this is very strange

    If I have a call come in, it shows the correct contact name associated with that phone number. However, when I hang up and look at my phone list it shows a different contact name.

    My phone list also shows calls coming in at times that didn't have calls under contact names.

    So if someone, say "Brandon" calls me- I see his name pop up as "Brandon"- but after hanging up it shows up in the list as "Gary" and also has Gary's phone number there. It may also show me missing calls from "Andrew" and "Shelley" about the same time I made the call even though no calls came in.

    Too weird and not sure what is happening
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    07-12-13 11:54 AM
  2. OniBerry's Avatar
    These issues have also been reported on BlackBerry Support Forums. Currently there is no fix. They say the Call Log issues should be resolved with the next update for your phone.
    07-12-13 12:06 PM

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