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    yesterday I broke the display on my Q10 . I am not sure if the capacitive layer is functional or not.
    However, I need to get some data from my phone. Some of them I got via Blend/Link. But some data are stored in an Android app. The positive thing of this is that this app creates backup automatically when it starts. So my problem is "how to start certain app with broken screen".

    And I ask someone here for help:
    Could you please record a video and post it to ie. youtube performing these steps (as I can reproduce them on black screen):
    1) starting Q10 without SIM
    2) input device password
    3) starting certain app

    I think it could be possible completely without the screen. Type and confirm the password, look for the app via assistant,... But I do not remember if there is any dialog or button to confirm something.

    Or is there any easier way to mirror the screen?

    Lot of thanks!
    04-13-17 05:02 AM
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    Use the micro-HDMI connector and plug into a TV

    Posted via CB10
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    04-13-17 05:19 AM

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