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    Q10 BlackBerry launch with concert in Hong Kong-img_00000303.jpg
    Q10 BlackBerry launch with concert in Hong Kong-img_00000314.jpg
    Q10 BlackBerry launch with concert in Hong Kong-img_00000307.jpg
    Q10 BlackBerry launch with concert in Hong Kong-img_00000322.jpg

    BlackBerry Q10 officially opened itself for preordering in Hong Kong today, and it selected around 50 lucky individuals like myself to join in on the launch!

    They hosted in The Mira hotel, at the Whisk. It was a lovely bar, and set up a bunch of z10s and q10s for demo. Greeted by a very friendly BlackBerry staff, I was delighted to be greeted with good snacks!

    They served beetroot beef tartar, foie gras and apple bites, mini bagel and smoked salmon, and few others. Really tasty considering how I am very critical of food.

    They introduced the launch of q10, and had asked an operational manager to show the BlackBerry 10 features, particularly what q10 can do ie. instant action and other things like the introduction of a new chinese input ??.

    They even showed us the internal features such as triple microphone to reduce outside noises when we talk, and its powerful antenna.

    Last but not least, they had invited Robynn & Kendy, a young and bright local band whom we like a lot here, to perform several songs. Some of which were never sang by them before!

    So glad I was invited, and it was a fun night overall.

    Hope BlackBerry 10 will grow its presence here more and more so in the future! And hope you enjoyed some of the photos.

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    06-13-13 02:08 PM
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    And I noticed the OpenRice app is now available for you guys. Looks to be a native one too. (y)
    06-13-13 02:37 PM
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    a very small launch party. HK and China are dominated by iPhone and Samsung. not sure how many users will take a look at BB10.
    06-13-13 10:15 PM
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    Let's fly Robynn & Kendy to California and New York for 2014 Blackberry mini-concerts to roll out 10.3, and the Passport & Classic. Educated at US and English universities in psychology and economics, they teamed up three years ago and to devote full-time to music. Here's from the 2013 mini-concert. They are so good. Let's see, SAP Center for NorCal, and Staples Pavilion for SoCal?
    08-26-14 05:09 PM

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