05-03-14 09:33 PM
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  1. Bad Larry's Avatar
    After having to return two Q10s due to the double typing keyboard problems, I was pretty frustrated and ready to bail out for a Z30 when my contract is ending. But...the third time seems to have been the charm for me. I've learned how to use this incredible device to its fullest for my needs and I can't imagine not using it now. :-)

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    04-26-14 11:37 AM
  2. blee4's Avatar
    Hands down it is the best. I got Z-10, Z-30 & Q-10. It suits me for my needs. Z-30 is awesome but I just need a BB for phone calls,text & e-mail. Nothing is better than a BB with keyboard...
    Is the stock BlackBerry software for the Z series the same as the Q series minus the virtual keyboard?

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    04-26-14 08:16 PM
  3. conite's Avatar
    I do a lot of typing on my device. As a die-hard physical keyboard guy for ages, I took a chance and made the switch to first the Z10 and now the Z30. It's incredible how much faster you can type on glass (using the bb10 virtual keyboard of course). It takes some time to get your head around the different sensation, but I could never go back. My typing speed has increased by about a third - and that's saying a lot. I used to fly on my 9900!


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    04-26-14 08:36 PM
  4. Chelmsford's Avatar
    Did you just say that the Q20 is going to be running OS 7 and, NOT 10? I thought that the Q20 was just an updated Q10 with the old hardware buttons back?

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    It's BB10 but should bring back some of the classic functionality of OS7. The comment was to poke fun at how similar the devices might be in spite of the Q20 having BB10 power.

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    04-26-14 11:18 PM
  5. Ryan Ledford's Avatar
    Couldn't agree more. I haven't tried the Z10 or 30 yet though. But I just came back to BlackBerry a week or so ago. I was using WP8 or Nexus4. I love the keyboard, battery life, and Hub.

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    04-27-14 12:31 AM
  6. 5848pug's Avatar
    I agree my Q10 is the best BB that I've ever had but one problem. It keeps re starting itself every day no matter what I'm doing with the phone?
    05-01-14 10:28 PM
  7. dlrogers81's Avatar
    I agree my Q10 is the best BB that I've ever had but one problem. It keeps re starting itself every day no matter what I'm doing with the phone?
    I can't think of why that would be happening on your Q10. Do you sideload apps? Maybe it could be an app or something causing the reboots. What OS are you running on your Q10?
    05-02-14 12:55 PM
  8. vgorous's Avatar
    I just got my work provided Q10. I miss this keyboard so much! I love the feel and weight of the phone.

    In my opinion, they should have made the screen bigger.

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    05-02-14 02:46 PM
  9. Jeroen Vos's Avatar
    The Q is a great phone, but all BlackBerry 10 devices actually are. Switched to the Z for a few days again and like that as well. The screen on the Q is a bit on the small side.

    Still haven't decided which one actually is the best one for me. And I'm already trying to decide for 5 months or so.

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    05-03-14 01:39 AM
  10. Katika99's Avatar
    The Q10 is the best mobile I have ever had.

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    05-03-14 08:57 AM
  11. vgorous's Avatar
    I finally got my Q10. I must admit that I really do enjoy typing on a physical keyboard. The Q10 really is just made for writing messages.

    As someone else mentioned earlier, the screen is on the small side. I mean it works, but BB10 experience could be a little overwhelming on such a tiny screen real estate.

    I love the look and feel of this machine though. But other things that are lacking on this is the limited video playback. There are certain files that refuses to play. It's more than likely a OS version thing, but who knows.

    I can play videos full screen on the TV when connected via HDMI using the video app. If I play video from the file manager, it will give a 1:1 output. I'm planning to get an HDMI/miracast dongle and see if it'll still allow fullscreen.

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    05-03-14 06:03 PM
  12. dmsbang's Avatar
    Cant wait for 10.3 to be released giving the Q10 more Android app capabilities...

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    05-03-14 09:33 PM
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