1. Wiredin's Avatar
    My wife has been coming to me with an issue on her Q10 quite a bit lately, and I can't figure it out myself. Her BBM is usually set to the dark theme. But everyonce in a while it diverts over to the white theme, which she's not happy with.

    I'm trying to figure it out for me, going to do a backup and reinstall of the OS tonight, but want to see if anyone else out there has any ideas.

    She is running latest BBM available on app world and OS is 10.20.424

    she does not do pre-release OS, just official stuff. She leaves that to my Z10 to be the guinea pig.
    01-13-14 12:03 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    It happens every so often on my Z10 on the latest leak. Just close the app and reopen. It usually solves the issue.
    I don't know if reloading is going to keep it dark all the time. but you can certainly try.
    01-13-14 12:07 PM
  3. buu511's Avatar
    Happend a lot to me even in the latest leak until I reinstalled and didn't use the settings backup from my 10.1 days. Only used application data and media backup. I believe it was an issue with 10.1 and it carried over if you used backup data from that version. It also never saved the contact settings until I stopped using that old backup.

    Sent from my Q10
    01-13-14 12:19 PM

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