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    Was trying to set up BlackBerry Link on my Dell laptop, and after a couple of loads and reboots, it started up, then prompted me for my BB ID. I couldn't remember my password, so I clicked on the "reset password" link, which sent a note to my Q10, I clicked the link, and though the link on the email said "reset password", the url came up "delete account". I click through before realizing, and deleted the account. So then I wet back in, created the same account email, got the "click to confirm mail", confirmed, and now there's an account with the same email address.

    Yet now when I go o the Q10 and go to Setting>>BlackBerry ID, and enter a valid password for that account, it comes up with the message "You can't sign in with a different BlackBerry ID on this device. Sign in with the original Blackbery ID used on tis device".

    I can click on "Forgot password?" on the Q10 "Verify your BlackBerry ID" screen, which sends me an email, which I can then click through to set the password (to the same value). So the Q10 is ending that email to BB, and BB is resetting the password and sending me an email, and I can reset the password, yet though there's a valid email/pw on that screen, it still says it's not the id used to set up the phone.

    The only thing I can think of is that true authentication doesn't take place via the email, it takes place using a user-id (alpha/numeric?), and creating a new account with the same email created a different user-id, and that's what's being sent, and that's the failure.

    I figure I can fix this myself by secure-wiping the phone, resyncing to the exchange server, and all I'd lose is my photos and text history... I can't back the phone up, as I can't get BlackBerry link to work. Yet that's still a lot of work I'd prefer not to do, if I can contact BB and have them work out the kinds on the email address.

    Is there a way to clean this up with BB, or should I just deal with it, mail myself any photos I really want to keep, accept loosing text history, and reload the phone?

    08-30-14 10:35 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Hi, unfortunately when you've been playing with BBID this far, you need to factory reset your device. So I suggest do a backup of what you can and do the reset.
    09-01-14 05:33 PM

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