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    Hi all,

    our company uses a couple of Q10's for staff members and one of them is having some trouble with contact management. Essentially the phone has 2200 contacts stored on it (this is under the "all" address book). We want to back up all the contacts as the user will be switching to another phone soon. I've tried using intouch to back up to their site and after the sync completes it currently has a total of 1829 contacts and if I use Contacts ImEx it backs up 1699. Any idea why the discrepancy exists? Is it possible the apps are trying to merge duplicate or partial contacts together? There are around 30 contacts on the sim card, the rest seem to be saved to the device/synced from outlook (which is a complete mess as well, so we're trying to avoid syncing from outlook to the phone).

    Any help greatly appreciated!
    04-08-15 11:21 AM
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    I suspect that a lot of those contacts which are appearing but are neither on th sim nor phone are actually contacts in whatever email accounts or social networking apps which that particular phone has 'tethered' to it. E.g. You go through a train tunnel, your Internet and usual carrier signal go, and those contacts will probably disappear too. Then once signal comes back the connections to those accounts are reestablished and the contacts will reappear.

    I have many contacts in my contacts list which are just email addresses of people who been in work emails (even though I've never emailed them using my phone). To actually back them up i'd have to select to save those contacts to my sim or local contacts. But then you see if I restored my phone using such a back up file and then reconnected to my email accounts etc then I would end up with a duplication of contacts.

    That is my thought on it. But as I don't have a lot of experience with BlackBerry yet I would suggest somebody else should confirm or disprove my thoughts on this.

    Dispensed via Q10 ----{\\\\|=[
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    04-09-15 01:28 AM
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    This seems to be it - we unlinked linked in and it brought the contacts down to around 1800 - i think the rest of the numbers are down to BBM contacts etc so the user is happy all important contacts have been backed up! Thank you!
    04-09-15 03:32 AM

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