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    I'm wondering if any others have been having issues with the audio jack. Since I started using the Q10 back in September 2013, I noticed the audio jack seems to be a bit tighter than other typical audio jacks from previous BlackBerries. The symptoms are characterized as follows:

    1. When I plug in any earbuds (including the Q10 included earbuds) headset mode stays stuck and I am unable to force it to speaker mode when playing music.
    2. During phone calls the device continues to "think" the headset is plugged in even though I have removed the earbuds. The only way to "forget" the headset is plugged in is to do a reboot. The speaker can be toggled on however.
    3. When listening to the FM radio / iHeart / Pandora I am now unable to hear stereo sound and only through one earbud (left channel). I have tested 2 different earbud sets with the same result. When any of the music apps are playing and I unplug the headset the speaker fails to initiate (except in FM mode where there is a toggle).

    This a bit frustrating as I am coming to the conclusion that my audio jack is defective, even though I never abused / smashed / forced anything into it. Does this mean I need to replace the device or is there a possibility that this is software issue? Currently running 10.2.1 and noticed intermittent issues even on 10.1.
    04-26-14 01:57 AM
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    Yours sounds like a hardware issue. I've noticed that unplugging the AUX cable while listening to BPod doesn't pause the app as it's supposed to. I'm pretty sure that's a software issue.

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    04-26-14 06:27 AM
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    Update: If I plug in any 3.5 mm audio aux jack, the device remains in headset mode until I reboot. However, plugging in a regular headset does NOT cause the issue. Once the headset is unplugged it seems to work fine!

    I have a hunch it may be due to the slightly different way that aux cables are designed versus headset cables...but not sure (2 black rings on aux jack vs 3 on headsets)

    Fortunately, I'll just avoid using aux jacks when connecting to sound systems as I have a bluetooth audio bridge.

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    04-26-14 10:10 AM

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