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    I will not go into to much of why the Q-10 is still more awesome then then the classic, etc as they are super 'close' but worth swapping one for the other now cost wise versus waiting, NOPE! ........

    I can say all this because I have spent time with mostly all of them now and been waiting to post this!

    BACK TO MY Q-10!..

    I have tried, Passport, Q-10, Z-30, Z-10, Curve, Bold, etc so I think I can say what I am thinking as in the Q-10 is the greatest device they ever released to this day, why go back to the trackpad as I can tell you, it is ALL you will use and somethings are better on the Q-10 believe it or not (even hardware) then classic if not the same. The screen size is such a small difference hardly worth mentioning. .3 or is it .4? I mean really? Trackpad I am a fan of but we need to stay into the future and keep on using touch when possible minus our beloved QWERTYY's which the Q-10 is a happy medium of....

    Note: The trackpad on the Classic is sort of cheaply made, rare for BB!
    Note 2: If I had to switch, it would be the Classic over the passport and I will eventually tell you why!

    Backtracking here, thinking and writing this on a whim - I have not tried a Q-5 though, hmmm...

    The only Blackberry I could say could beat it is of course the passport if you can get used to the odd key placements as in the spacebar being between two letters, which I did easily - HOWEVER, I can NOT get used to that they could not add on the keys - standard feature - as in the symbols and especially numbers, why!..

    That is my only reason can not use the passport, if you can deal without that as I can not then the Passport is king, if not iMO the Q-10 takes the cake even still or the classic is also very sweet!

    BUT: If you do not need a full QWERTY keyboard, the Z-30 is a no brainier..

    I am praying this "ZLIDER" becomes a reality but wonder if it does, how thick can they make the keyboard so it still feels like a nice blackberry keyboard as they can NOT fall short in that area, I do not mind thick phones and am not crazy about it having to be thin, I like them heavy and fairly bulky after protected by otter-box so hope this comes to life and the keyboard is just as good as all the others with SPECIAL CHARACTERS AND NUMBERS ESPECIALLY!!...

    So again, imo - Q -10 takes the cake, if I was given a free classic (I borrowed one for a review) I would probably switch but I will not BUY one when I have the Q-10 which is the perfect size with my "have to have" Otter-box Defender series.

    BTW: Yes, I know that the Passport has virtual special characters and numbers, but not good enough for me, there was plenty of space to add that to the board, it is the ONLY thing from making it the king of BB devices to me.

    I guess I will say a quote that I found on here not to long ago from another member - "Q-10 For The Win!"..

    What do you guys think?...


    PS: Phone arena still has the Q-10 as the highest scoring phone just above the passport. I guess it is all personal preference. I almost bought the passport until had some time with it and realized the no numbers on the keypad "qwerty" and was a second away from clicking the PAY NOW button for the classic which I know I will like but will wait for it to drop in price a bit as well as to see if the zlider becomes reality!...

    Heck, I still pair my PB with my Q-10 on 10.3xx and knock out text all day when at the desk in 7 inches, it works, for those giving bad reviews to the new app, they must be doing something wrong as it functions for me FULLY!
    04-19-15 01:15 AM
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    Ultimately it depends on the user and what they want from their device.

    I love the Q10 and do also believe it is a very well built device. But (yes, there is a but)... I love my trackpad and the extra screen size that comes from the Classic.

    Nonetheless.. between the Classic and the Q10 (which I happen to own both), it will only take a better spec Classic to draw me away from either of the two I currently own.

    Posted via CB10 (ClassicSQC100-1/
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    04-20-15 12:57 AM
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    I agree, trackpad is nice to have (keeps you from using touch-screen almost 90% of time though, which can be good and bad depending how one looks at the future of things) but the extra money for it as of now? Also, the Screen being LCD has its up's (mostly ups) and downs believe it or not versus the Q-10's and yes the extra size even though not that much does help as I did used to say "if only the screen was a hair smaller" but not it is reality and I am kind of being hypocritical, would you agree though that the trackpad is a bit cheaply made on the classic, other then that I like it better then the passport but ONLY because of the missing numbers and special characters on the passports qwerty board. WHY BB! WHY!....

    Hehe, enjoy your Classic and Q-10, Catch22

    PS: I guess what I was trying to say is it is not worth the extra cost to switch at the moment, when it goes down in value it will certainly be, unless of course you have the cash to burn, then it is but with talks of a possible "ZLIDER" I can not imagine that will not be the best phone, the best of the Q's and the Z's I hope they make it with 3gb of ram and all the goody good specs even if it is a $700 phone, then I would spend the money long as the design was proper as in the keyboard not being to "thin" and dinky to try to keep it thin! I do not care about a device's thickness, actually I prefer a larger device. I been trying to figure a way to "professionally' cut my otterbox defender case to also fit the extended battery they sell for the q-10 (3100mah or something alike) which stick out the back of the phone making it larger, that would not bother me at all but I need my otterbox on there as well so it would have to be professionally done.

    Note: Why we are on BB's, hey I have tried almost every screen cover in existence and I swear to you (if you can find one, do not be fooled by names that sound the same) that the TechPro screen protector is the greatest thing to ever be made out of China and worth every penny. I bought the last one on amazon for the q-10 a few days ago, the thing is REAL Glass and nice thickness to it - I am in no way affiliated with this company just wanted to put that out there! They are not easy to find but you can see a few reviews on youtube on "TechPro" screen protectors which others tried to steal there name by making similar names so make sure it is exactly how I spelled it and not reverse, etc. I promise you it is the best screen protector you will ever own. Also, I wish we could utilize both phones easier without having to switch sim cards as in (even if pay a little more a month) have two sims for the same number and have it transfer over bluetooth for the day(activate) on which BB Phone you want to use. Do you think the classic does not need a screen protector due to the gorilla glass, I would still put one on! JMO.
    04-20-15 02:40 AM

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