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    I never thought to check this first before buying. I use outlook (PC) for contacts and calendar and sync to my BB9000.

    I have started looking around for migration and if I am correct, I am learning that I cannot sync my soon to be new Q10 with outlook? Is this true?

    Anyone who knows or does can you advise? Is BB link what I should use?
    11-03-15 09:37 AM
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    Looks like Link is all you need, I found the following post which should help:

    Once again, so there is no misunderstanding. Outlook 2007 and 2010 sync flawlessly (perfectly) with BB10 using BB Link (any version after The current version of Link is
    1) Uninstall any current version of BB Link on your PC using control panel>programs and features (W7). Click on Blackberry Link and uninstall it.
    2) reboot your PC
    3) go to BB download page and install BB Link version from here: BlackBerry Link - BlackBerry 10 Smartphone to Computer Sync - US
    4) Once downloaded, open BB Link and plug in your phone.
    5) Sign in with your BB ID
    6) Let Link Prepare your phone
    7) Uncheck the box to open when turning on PC and to start sync automatically--you should set at manual as you may not want it to automatically sync every time you plug in your phone or turn it on. Also MAKE SURE THAT THE COMPUTER WINS IN CONFLICTS (IT WILL ASK) AND MAKE SURE AND CHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS "NOTIFY IF ANYTHING FROM COMPUTER OR DEVICE WILL BE DELETED! VERY IMPORTANT WHICH IS WHY I'M TYPING IN CAPS! LOL
    8) click on the box on the left on Sync contacts and calendars and configure each to sync with Microsoft Outlook. (When clicking on contacts it will ask what program to sync with, check MS Outlook)
    9) Make sure and check the 30 day box under calendar configure box as otherwise it will go back as far as your Outlook as stored and put all the back calendar events on your phone. A real pain if you have years of calendar events.
    10) once all is done, on your Phone--go to settings and when open, click on the menu bar (3 dots on bottom right) and click on "CLEAR LOCAL CONTACTS" (and if you wish CALENDARS), because if you don't, the first sync will cause tons of duplicate contacts but by clearing it, the only contacts you will see once its done will be the ones from your Outlook. That said, if you want the local (home) calendar and contacts, don't clear it, but I recommend that you do clear it first.
    11) click on SYNC CALENDAR AND CONTACTS on the left on Link and then sit back and be very patient. It takes a while to do the first sync but once its done it should sync flawlessly each time.
    Good luck to you guys post if you have further issues.
    I personally use outlook.com so I can't help, but if you have any more questions, i'd try posting it on the thread linked below, which is where I found the post I copied and pasted above.

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    11-03-15 09:47 AM

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