04-10-15 03:44 PM
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    FYI, Wi-Fi issue can be corrected/explained if you look at the log : Settings > Networks and Connections > Wi-Fi and tap on the Advanced button at the bottom (the two small sliders). Then select Logs, go at the end, and finally tap the Copy Logs button. Do so when you've just experience a drop and post it in a new thread. Don't forget to remove your PIN from the logs before posting.
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    03-16-15 08:15 AM
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    is there any further upgrade Patch for, its big problem with it, How to handle, i am in problem since 4 days.
    03-17-15 02:29 AM
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    Just leave your system running like this for 2-3 days. The battery will get better. After OS updated, it needs 2-3 days for settling so battery drainage should happen.

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    Where on BlackBerry's website did you find that information?
    03-20-15 11:00 PM
  4. anon(8080272)'s Avatar
    Where on BlackBerry's website did you find that information?
    This is urban legend ... and if you think about it, it takes a day or two to get stuff set up the way you like it. You start using it less after that, battery lasts longer, some folks conclude "let it settle, battery life will get better."

    Amazing how using your phone less leads to increased battery life ...

    Or in other words:

    Problems with new 10.3-800px-piratesvstemp-en-.svg.png
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    03-22-15 04:39 PM
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    First of all I apologize for the bad english. So much going on with Google translate . 10.3.1 updates may have a strange problem: the options in the Settings menu (such Notice or Accounts) we touch, a visual response that allows us to understand that we have touched (when touched, for example 10.2.1 series consisted blue framed a visual response) does not occur. In this case consists of the perception of users and consists not touch feeling the need to be touched again. Is there a solution to this issue, and RIM is aware of this situation? Thanks ...
    03-22-15 06:38 PM
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    I dunno, dude. This is how OS 10 is like from the beginning of OS 10.2.1.

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    All OSES after their initial updates needs to integrate them selves fully into the fone, which will take days because of various tasks running in the background updating and replacing. Even android and ios does the same thing. Give it time and it will stabilise.

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    03-24-15 04:56 AM
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    Issues since update to O/S

    1. Remember items are 90% MISSING! I had critical data about bank accounts, login details for clients, servers I administer remotely, etc here - 90% are now GONE!! Out of 214 existing entries before the "update" now only 21 remain!

    2. When reading text messages, it is FAR too easy to DELETE a conversation accidentally

    3. What's with this EMPTY home screen??

    4. Changes to arrangement of app icons make it hard to find and use them!

    I'm not happy AT ALL with this turn of events!.
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    04-10-15 12:41 PM
  8. Joshu42's Avatar
    1. No backup ?

    2. If you mean the Instant Action feature in the HUB, you can hide it with the top right icon.

    3. You can disable this new feature: Settings > Display, uncheck "Show Wallpaper when all apps are closed"

    4. Change the arrangement by touching an icon until all of them giggled. Then, drag and drop them where you want. You have now 3 more icons by screen. You don't have to search an icon to start the corresponding app ; you can just start typing its name and select it in the Universal Search app that will start. If you have a phone with keyboard, you can even set a key to launch an app.
    04-10-15 03:44 PM
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