1. rachaelh88's Avatar
    Hi. I went onto facebook earlier and sort of pressed funny on my messages box. A note came up saying something about getting rid of the tool bar, but I just dismissed it without reading. Now when I go on facebook and say click on a photo I can't get back as my back toolbar has gone but it's still on when I go on the browser for like Google or something. Can anyone tell me how to get it back? When I click to read a post I have to come out of fb totally and go back in just to get back to the news feed and it's driving me insane without a back button!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
    04-11-14 06:26 PM
  2. anon721037's Avatar
    Swipe down from the top of your screen.
    04-11-14 06:51 PM
  3. rachaelh88's Avatar
    You are my lifesaver!!!!!!! Thanks
    anon721037 likes this.
    04-11-14 07:05 PM
  4. anon721037's Avatar
    You are my lifesaver!!!!!!! Thanks
    Lol what flavour. Lifesaver
    04-11-14 07:24 PM
  5. deezy87's Avatar
    Lol what flavour. Lifesaver
    The blue one!
    anon721037 likes this.
    04-12-14 10:19 AM
  6. xACiD's Avatar
    Also you can swipe up diagonally from the bottom middle to the left FYI.
    04-13-14 02:32 AM
  7. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    The blue one!
    Why didn't they ever create a blackberry flavored life saver? I'd be all over that
    04-14-14 03:20 PM

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