1. Elliot Moore1's Avatar
    I'm starting a new job tomorrow and have the option to use pretty much whatever smartphone I want. I'm looking at the Q10 due to it's hardware keyboard and potential Android app compatibility. There are a few apps that I'll need to use that aren't in the Amazon store though so I'm wondering about compatibility.

    Does anyone have experience with getting the Avaya One-X client to work?
    More generally: Typically how does App scaling work on the smaller screen? One-X has a dialpad and I'm wondering if it will show properly.
    Do android apps (sideloaded or official) have the ability to utilize USB or Bluetooth peripherals and/or the camera? I'm particularly interested in a deskphone-type device and video conferencing.

    I'm sure these questions are somewhat redundant but back when I had a playbook, the apps worked but had no access to the hardware and it's not really clear if that's changed. I'd rather have the Q10 for the built in keyboard but it's critical that I'm able to use and demo these software/hardware components.
    10-26-14 12:39 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    BlackBerry Passport Rocks Tons of Apps Via the Amazon Appstore | Inside BlackBerry according to this avaya is available to be installed from BBW, so no need for sideloading, it may even be an android port.

    With the outright price of the passport being reasonable I'd suggest you going down that route.
    10-26-14 02:47 PM

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