1. Maggiedd's Avatar
    I'm getting there. Still have a problem, on Accounts - emails - I put in my email address - password - advanced key - nothing happens. Calls, texts and some data are on Vodafone and the Q10 is linked to Vodafone, but my emails are on Plus-net because originally we were Vodafone and they sold part of their business to Plus-net. Plus-net is not an option on my BB10 for Accounts - emails. So do I need to ring Plus-net and get the server IMAP & POP addresses then use the email account Validation Tool to get connected?
    07-17-16 12:16 PM
  2. Maggiedd's Avatar
    I have done it with help from our server. Because the phone is out of warranty BB wanted to charge $35. I have done the wallpaper too and bought a stylus so all going well. Thank you all for your help.
    07-18-16 01:52 PM

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