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    Hello everyone,

    Traveling right now with my Wind Mobile unlocked Q10 to Europe now. I am having an issue where I am getting cell reception but I am not able to connect to the Blackberry server for things like data, BBM, email etc.

    My data plan with Wind allows for international roaming at reduced rates but I am not sure what the issue is? I am able to connect to the Blackberry server via Wi-Fi and do email, internet, BBM etc so not sure what the issue is.

    Any help with this would be helpful as I need the internet on my phone for work while I travel.

    Many thanks in advance,


    Posted via CB10
    07-29-14 03:40 AM
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    Check to see if your "Data services whilst roaming" is turned on.

    In my example, it's turned off as I too am away from home (roaming), and have turned mine off.

    Please help with traveling Q10 issue-img_20140729_143834.png

    Posted via my sexy all black Q10SQN100-3/
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    07-29-14 08:39 AM

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