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    So, I've had my Q10 for a while now. I've tried really hard to put up with BB10's shortcomings (compared to other platforms). I was very, very excited to get this phone, but have been nothing but disappointed from day one . First, the issue was that AT&T is incredibly lackluster and unprofessional in the software release department. I finally got fed up with not having the promised "future" features and installed a leak of 10.2.1 that worked very well and was pretty zippy, but obviously did nothing to fix my primary issue, which is LACK OF APPS, followed by poor execution of side-loaded BAR's and APK's. Guys, don't get me wrong here, I love(d) Blackberry previously. The phone I upgraded from ? A Bold 9900. Before that? A Bold 9000. I mean.. I can install pretty much any android app I wish, but the majority of them just don't like the small screen size of the Q10. The apps that don't seem to mind the screen size generally have no precedent for assignable qwerty key commands because the majority of these apps were designed for full-screened, touch-only phones. I guess what I need help with is figuring out a way to get AT&T to take this piece of... phone... back and let me buy something else. I was not warned that there would be no significant software updates for the foreseeable future or that AT&T would generally disown me as a human being for buying a Blackberry 10 device. At this point I'd rather have a damn iPhone, to be honest. Unless, that is, someone wants to buy it from me? I'm in Upstate New York and the phone is in great condition!
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    04-05-14 07:21 PM
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    I think we'd all like to know a) how much are you selling it for? And b) how far are you willing to ship?

    Also, I don't blame some android apps for not working, since the OS wasn't meant for 1:1. And the Q10 isn't really considered a multimedia device.

    Since you mentioned you are no tech savvy, an iPhone would probably be best for you as it is extremely easy to use and updates aren't carrier dependant.

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    04-05-14 07:27 PM
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    Yes, please let us know how much you want for your crappy Q10?
    04-05-14 07:35 PM
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    I guess I should clear up some things. I am VERY 'tech' savvy lol. What I am not savvy with is dealing with customer support people / store managers (I tend to physically puff myself up and get a bit aggressive). I wanted some advice on how to stay calm and get what I need when talking with these people. As far as a sale is concerned, how about you guys let me know what you think is a fair price? If you are really interested I will take a bunch of pics, some video of the phone working, take it apart and take pics of the inside, whatever you need me to do. But let's do some haggling :-p
    04-05-14 08:34 PM
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    If it's apps you are looking for, then yes, perhaps iPhone or an Android device is better for you. As the poster above mentioned, the Q10 isn't really designed to be a "multimedia" device, though it does a decent enough job.

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    04-05-14 09:06 PM
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    Oh cmon, you manage a bold without apps but not a q, fine buy yourself an iPhone and you will come back eventually

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    04-05-14 09:09 PM
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    What apps are you lacking? Just name 3

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    04-05-14 09:15 PM
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    Really, I'd like to know what apps, too. For instance, an older version of Flipboard responds beautifully compared to some of the newer versions. Although I know most wouldn't, I enjoy the thrill of a hunt.

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    04-06-14 12:50 AM

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