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    Hi Guys. Have load playstore app on my Q10 since cobalt released it sometimes ago. Bur am kinda having some issue with the app on my device now.

    Seems after cobalt design a new version of playstore has been released. So whenever my playstore app ask me to update the latest version of playstore over the previous version released by cobalt my playstore icon will just disappear. I always have to reload the version release by cobalt before I will be seeing the icon again.

    So I wanna ask. Is anyone here experiencing this? Is there a way round (solution) it? Or is there a new way to load playstore apart cobalt way that will not be bringing any issue when prompt to update or after being updated?

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    05-07-15 05:28 PM
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    Ask it on cobalt's Google play forum

    Posted by Z30
    05-14-15 10:58 PM
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    Load the updated version cobalt has posted.

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    05-14-15 10:59 PM
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    I had this problem when I let google play update it self from google after I had installed it from cobalt. Try reloading the latest release from cobalt

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    05-15-15 11:34 PM

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