1. amanfiroz's Avatar
    Hello guys,
    I bought one USED bb q10 last week. I activated BBM.
    I was using bbm in iphone. Now it changed to my Q10... I am very happy.
    Now coming to the problem is
    1. Now I am getting random requests from people I dont know.
    Is it from the friends of OLD user of the phone. How can I check?
    Sorry If i sounded silly. I dont have much idea about the BBM

    2. I am not able to find bbm voice option in my phone.. I live in Dubai.
    05-08-14 07:47 AM
  2. ATV_Hightower's Avatar

    Nice to see a new face on a BlackBerry.

    To your Questions

    1. It is possible that friends of the old user still have this PIN saved in their contacts. In this case invitations should stop after a short time, because they should have contacted him per mail/text/call and ask why 'he' is ignoring them. Another possibility could be, that the old user posted his PIN in a forum (e.g. "Looking for Friends"; "Please add me"...). This could be a problem, but I dont think that it will last very long. Also you can try to contact the old user and ask him to delete those posts or to inform his contacts.
    2. BBM Voice should be on top of the BBM Chat Window if your chat partner is capable of accepting your call. If it is not there try to update/reinstall BBM and ask your carrier if he blocks BBM Voice.

    I hope your problems will be solved soon and wish you as much fun with your new BlackBerry as I have with mine.
    05-08-14 09:04 AM
  3. amanfiroz's Avatar
    Thanks and appreciate your reply.

    To be honest. I bought this since I wasn't so sure whether I would use this much since I had an iphone.
    But after using for past few weeks I think I am going to make my iphone as my secondary phone. Feeling that comfortable with Q10.

    Posted via CB10
    05-08-14 03:51 PM

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