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    I have been having problems with pictures and attachments. My Q10 (at&t running 10.2) will not save pictures from texts or bbm. I can view them but not save them to my phone at all. Space is not an issue phone is only at 50% storage and my 64gb sd card has about 29gb on it. So what could be the problem? When I select the save option the screen dims like it normally would but seems to cancel the action because it does not move on to the next screen which would allow me to name and save a picture to a location.

    Similarly, I cannot attach a picture to a text, email, bbm, message. the same thing happens. the screen dims but does not follow through to the next screen which would allow me to select a picture to attach. Please note that I can select attach but when I select the picture option (or any file for that matter) I does not move on to the next step and instead goes back to the message. These problems happened about a week ago and a reset fix it. Not so lucky this time, reset and battery pull has not solved the issue. Any help on the subject would be great, thanks!

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    05-17-15 12:03 AM
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    Get off of 10.2, at least get onto 10.2.1, if nothing else. You should be on 10.3.1 by now.

    You find later OS' here - http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...rchive-943672/

    You can learn how to install them here - http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...er-927076-new/

    They will, however wipe your phone, so be sure to make a full backup and/or save whatever you're not wishing to lose. If you're not comfortable with losing anything....

    Read this - http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...achesi-904841/
    05-17-15 12:10 AM
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    I'm having the same issue been going on for about a week or so

    05-24-15 06:46 PM

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