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    We need a way to block specific phone no's., or series of no's via wildcard * e.g. 202-662-5*, or for UNIX types even 202-662-[4-6]* for 4xxxx-6xxx. I hear the iPhone provides capability to block specific numbers.

    Lately, we have been constant nuisance calls on our ATT landline from the name number. The same stupid caller/greeting does not quit until blocked -- until they change the last 4-ditits. At least ATT allows blocking 20 numbers (but no wild card, and why not 100?), so after reaching 20, one would unblock the oldest block.

    Now I'm starting to get these on my Sprint phone. We have do-not-call applied, but these crooks don't care and should be hung by you-know-what. A real nuisance.

    BlackBerry could provide a terrific feature for all their phones, both for specific numbers and via wild card. Go one step better than the competition. Allow 200 numbers including wild-cards.
    08-24-14 02:46 AM
  2. daradm's Avatar
    Did know Sprint allow blocking in/out for up to 50 phone numbers.

    Block or restrict voice access using My Sprint:
    Sign in to My Sprint at sprint.com
    Click the My Preferences tab
    Under Limits and Permissions, click Block voice

    Previously, I'd created a single _BLACKLIST_DONOTCALL contact, and added the nuisance call to this Contact, and turned off all phone ring tones and notifications. That seems to work, not quite as convenient as simply marking the nuisance phone call as BAD.

    Still, a wildcard[*] would be still better, since nuisance calls tend to use a block of numbers over time. I suspect they are disguising the phone no from which its actually sent.
    08-24-14 03:55 PM

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