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    Just got an Emerson EBT1100 for $20 from Wal-Mart. First off want to say that for $20...and it being Emerson...I am VERY impressed with this little Bluetooth speaker! It has dual stereo speakers PLUS a passive bass radiator along with media and volume controls. Battery life hasn't been tested yet but, yeah, it sounds damn good.

    Either way...it also has speaker phone functionality. Has a little microphone on the front and all that. Problem is that my BlackBerry Q10 (running dev 10.3) doesn't seem to want to use it as a speaker phone.

    I have it turned on in the settings. My Q10 sees it as a headset (the little icon next to it is a headset with mic) and music and controls work fine...but when I call someone or they call me the sound only comes through the ear speaker or phone speaker if I push the "Speaker" button.

    So yeah...as a music speaker it works beautifully. As a speaker phone it doesn't work at all.

    Anyone know anything I don't? Thanks!
    06-07-14 10:47 PM
  2. walt63's Avatar
    Have you tried selecting Headset instead of Speaker?

    The Speaker feature is truly a Speaker feature. It's not to be confused with playing sound over through bluetooth technology.

    Posted via CB10
    06-07-14 10:55 PM
  3. Russ Lilly's Avatar
    My Emerson Bluetooth wireless stereo speaker paired instantly with my Q10.
    Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone and it is within 3 ft.
    of the speaker. Should be no problem: hit your phone's Bluetooth icon and it gives you an option to confirm the
    connection to EBT1100 and that should be that.
    Good price, by the way. The Emerson unit came out for $100 and is being
    a Black Friday special here and there. Ones I saw were still selling in
    the $30-35 range.
    11-08-14 07:05 PM

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