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    The space bar!! Only occurs sometimes but it's annoying cause periods will start showing up in my sentences lol. Oh well. Wish i kept my old Q10 cause it didn't have 1 issue, however i ditched it for a Z30, but i missed my Q! Got one on kijiji hoping I'd have no issues and so far just the space bar at times!! Otherwise physical keyboards rock!!

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    05-31-14 09:35 PM
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    Why open a new thread when there are dozens of threads about the same issue and a handful that are still active?...

    I vote for a moderator to merge this with one of the other double typing issue threads.

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    05-31-14 11:02 PM
  3. CindyCracker's Avatar
    If that is your only issue, turn off the auto period insert. There is a quick form of pressing the space bar twice inserts the period for you, but if you turn it off, you won't have it and you will just need to insert if yourself manually. Go to settings for Language and Input and it's under Prediction and Correction.

    The only double typing key i have is..-img_20140601_182601.png

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    06-01-14 06:27 PM

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