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    So I just bought a Q10 the other day and just wanted to show off lol

    Old meets New and its Siblings-img_20140212_205551.jpg
    Old meets New and its Siblings-img_20140212_205308.jpg
    Old meets New and its Siblings-img_20140212_205000.jpg
    Old meets New and its Siblings-img-20140212-00007.jpg
    Old meets New and its Siblings-img-20140212-00005.jpg

    All on T-Mobile, looking to add a Z30 soon. Love the battery life on the Q10 and I'm not going to run any Android apps on my Q10 only Native except for Skype from BBW , my Z10 works better with Android apps. I surprisingly somehow prefer to virtual keyboard on the Z10 since using the physical keyboard on the Q10. The Q10 is faster than the Z10 and fits in my hand better. Hate that the screen is not as bright as the Z10 but I can deal with that. My Bold 9900 is officially retired but will get wi-fi love tweeting with UberSocial until BlackBerry 10 gets uber app, I love neatly and Blaq btw.
    Oh and my BlackBerry PlayBook makes a cameo, don't use it as much since my Z10 does more.

    Posted via CB10
    02-14-14 10:20 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Congrats to the proud Papa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    02-14-14 10:49 AM

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