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    So I attempted a keyboard replacement some time ago, the Philips screws (that connect keyboard to lcd) on the interior were stripped and I inadvertently damaged my LCD screen. Since then, I've ordered 3 LCD screens on ebay (had to return the first two due to flickering).

    The current screen I have works perfectly on the lowest brightness setting. I've noticed that when I take the phone out into sunlight, it senses the extra light and automatically brightens the screen - as soon as the screen brightness is increased the phone LCD either shuts off or begins to flicker (I see gray and white scrolling lines rolling down the length of the phone). Once I get it into normal light, and the brightness goes back to the lowest setting it returns to normal in 30 minutes or so.

    Does anyone know what is the issue here? Is it low quality LCD screen replacements, OS or motherboard issues? If it is LCD, where would you recommend getting a high quality replacement from?

    I'm tempted to put some black electrical tape over the light sensors (to keep the phone permanently dim) and call it a day.

    Any suggestions or thoughts would be much appreciated! Thank you!

    It's a Blackberry Q10 - SQN100-1 running
    04-26-15 01:12 AM
  2. BerryRipe's Avatar
    Well try the tape since you could always remove it if you don't think it's a good fix.

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    04-26-15 01:44 AM
  3. g2m's Avatar
    So the tape fix works, which confirms that it is a brightness issue. The phone for whatever reason cannot handle high brightness. I don't know why.
    04-26-15 01:00 PM
  4. Joshu42's Avatar
    Did you bought the 3 SuperAMOLED screens from the same retailer ? (and not "LCD" by the way ^^)
    If yes, I would try another one
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    04-26-15 04:30 PM
  5. g2m's Avatar
    Yup. Purchased each one from a different retailer. I'm having difficulty trying to figure out where to get a good quality display. Would you know a good place to purchase from? Thanks!
    04-26-15 04:49 PM

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