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    The MOST frustrating thing about my Q10 has been the 3.5 mm earphone audio jack. The BlackBerry Q10 earphones seemed to work best, vs other junk, but still has nasty problems maintaining connection.

    I started using the ear phone 11 months after purchase, and after a month of use, the connections became erratic with bad cables, and then after purchase of Q10 earphones and another month or so, became highly sensitive to disturbance of the plug. Over time, this became increasing worse (now 20 months old), sometimes no amount of jiggling could make a consistent connection. I have used DeoxIT Gold to clean the jack hole, and periodically cleaned lint from the bottom of the hole. This helped a bit, but not last a week. You'd think they could redesign gold-plated spring loaded contacts within the hole! Or, like I suggested to Blackberry, maintain sound connection to the jack, unless connection was lost for more than 0.2 sec (i.e. check twice before switching to phone speaker, since the disturbance was generally a momentary spike, at first, and had they left it alone, sound would have been restored).

    Having zero response from Blackberry on a solution, I took a chance and purchased an ounce of NO-OX-ID A Special, a conductive electrical grease.

    The NO-OX-ID A Special product has consistency of bees wax. Upon applying a very thin film on my two BlackBerry Q10 headphones, I'm now able to maintain a consistent electrical/sound connection. Even if the plug is badly disturbed, PLAY can be restarted easily.

    I sure hope this solution lasts, as this frustrating aspect of the Q10 is one major reason to not purchase another Blackberry. But reading the web suggests other brands may experience problems with bad connectors, too. Since mine was out of warranty by the time I had a problem, I could not return for replacement of the hole connector (which I suspect would wear out similarly).

    EBay cost was $6.50 for 1 oz, or purchase 2 oz for a buck more -- but one ounce will last a lifetime.

    Your thoughts?
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    I've had two Q10s and multiple other BB10 handsets. I've had many issues with BlackBerry hardware, but the 3.5" audio jack has never been an issue, and I've always used it hard.

    I think you have a defective headphone jack, or there is some water corrosion to blame. Maybe the humidity of your town. Though I actually dropped my first Q10 in a bathtub and never had any issues. Sucks that it happened after the warranty, but I doubt it's the norm.

    Is there such a thing as a micro-usb to 3.5" audio jack adapter? Might require OTG if such a thing even exists.

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    04-20-15 09:09 PM
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    What makes you think this is a problem specific to Q10s or Blackberrys in general? Sounds like your phone developed a problem with the earphone jack and you've solved the problem. You also seem to be very interested in promoting this product.
    04-20-15 09:13 PM
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    I like the Q10, with the ear phone jack being the only flaw. I read many others have experienced problems, but resolved under warranty. As an engineer, it seemed more like a wear and tolerance problem, as it was fine at first. This particular product (could be others) seemed to work immediately. I'd like to upgrade to a new, larger Q10 type device ... or even the Passport or updated Passport come this Fall -- but Sprint seems determined to not carry any Blackberry products in the future, not can anyone get a response from Sprint forums (other than to watch their daily news). Sprint it crap for Blackberry fans -- and I am still a fan, and would promote the Q10 -- or even their newer products.

    BTW, I did point out that other brands have had 3.5 mm jack connection problems too. Hence, would not switch brands just for that, unless unresolvable. I only wished to illustrate a possible solution to other Q10 users who have been affected by jack issues.

    OH, I SEE. Bad choice of title ... intended to be NO-OX-ID to Resolve Earphone Jack Problem. Too late to alter title in forum! Altering title via Edit had no effect.
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    Yeah, the headphone Jacks on devices seem to be a point of failure. They're all made the same, even Apple with all their proprietary stuff still used the standard port.

    I've had particularly bad luck with them as well, but it's been all devices and all types.

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    04-20-15 10:35 PM
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    Seems the jack and port need to be designed for 20,000 duty cycles (plug in-and-out), for surface wear and permanent expansion of any metals flexing within the hole. Or, next generation develop a plug and port that can last for years.
    04-20-15 10:57 PM
  7. Harsha Perera's Avatar
    I have been using BlackBerry for years not, and I am a heavy user of head phones. Never had a problem from pearl to Q10. Love BlackBerry hardware. I would never switch to another brand. I think it's your hole might have a fault could be corrosion or you could be the unlucky one that got a factory defect.

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    04-22-15 03:48 AM
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    I may have to wait until my 2 years are up, and then upgrade to a new device ... another Q10, or perhaps a newer Blackberry if Sprint ever gets their anti-Blackberry act together.
    04-25-15 12:53 AM

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