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    Hello everyone! First time BlackBerry'er here, I picked up a new unlocked Q10 SQN100-1 on Amazon this week. Although I still love the thing, it was time to retire my Nokia E71. Its a damn shame about Nokia, but that's another story for another time for another forum... With the mass extinction of QWERTY candybar phones it looks like BlackBerry is where I will be making my Final Stand

    The good news is I'm groovin' with the Berry so far, but I've had a few issues getting the data to work with AT&T. I'm no stranger to these sorts of problems, previously I had to tweak with my unlocked E71 and E63 to get data working. On the new Q10 the APN setting was locked in the network menu, but I managed to change it in the escreen and now I've got data working. Apparently wap.cingular still works haha. On a side note, my old sim was a standard mini-sim branded for AT&T 3G - I cut it down to micro-sim size according to an online guide and its been working fine in 4G voice/data.

    However, my MMS settings are still sim-locked. If I pop out the sim I can access the relevant settings for MMSC, but no-go with my AT&T sim in it. I tried to set everything with the sim out, but they were overridden again upon booting with the sim. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe there are MMSC settings in the escreen.

    I searched around and saw someone with a similar issue with this APN lockout - AT&T wanted his IMEI to set his dataplan, but his was not in their 'database' and they refused to activate the standard BB dataplan. From what I gather, if the IMEI isn't on their list then they cant (wont) activate the right data plan for the sim and thus refuse to push the proper APN and MMSC settings. So his solution was to give them a completely different IMEI that was already tied to an ATT 4G plan to get it working. Its strange they want the IMEI, as the line provisions should be tied to the SIM alone, but nooo.... My sister works for AT&T and she's looking into it, but I don't know if she would be cool with the idea of spoofing their system like that. Yeah, we'll see about that, so I want a backup plan just in case.

    I'm pretty sure my Q10 is a genuine unlock, as all the relevant fields in the sim menu show unlocked for my network service. I'm a little unsure of the firmware on it, as I have a couple AT&T apps on my homescreen. Is it possible those apps got pushed somehow when I booted it with the sim for the first time? Also, It displays the ATT logo for a moment when power-cycling. So yeah, it might have ATT firmware if its showing that stuff. No ATT logo on the outside of the phone itself, so I've got that at least.

    I guess my next option would be to go with a leaked OS. But I'm concerned that it will still obey the AT&T lockout on my settings if I'm unable to get them to properly provision my sim. Does anyone have any tips on getting around this? Is there a specific OS version I might try? When I got the phone I let it OTA update to - which I guess is the same package for OS in the bitcasa page for all the autoloaders. I'm familiar with doing unconventional firmware updates and the posted tutorials are pretty clear, I just don't know what would be a good version to try or if it will even have the desired result. Should I be also looking into trying different versions of the radio software?

    I guess I can live without MMS, but I'd rather have it working since there's really no reason it shouldn't. Also I've heard large SMS messages can often be sent as MMS to get around the size restriction and avoid splitting the message - If I don't have MMS then my longer-winded friends are going to get ignored

    Anyways, thanks for reading of my adventures into the BB realm and if you have any pointers on my SMS issue I would be most appreciative.
    03-13-15 07:54 AM
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    AT&T should have changed your plan to a 4G/LTE plan in your account - and honestly you should've gotten a new SIM card because the one you cut wasn't technically made for the 4G/LTE network if it was 3G. Aside from all of that even an unlocked phone should work because they sold Q10's. I have a Classic unlocked on there now with no issues. I just went and got another SIM card because these use micros verses minis in the Q10s.

    ATT logo shows up because you have an ATT SIM in the phone. The bottom line is ATT needs to fix your account settings because it all should work.
    03-13-15 03:39 PM
  3. haz_mat's Avatar
    Hello, thanks for the reply.

    I ended up going into the ATT store and the rep was able to resolve me issue. You were right about the sim, so they got me set up with a new one and when they registered my IMEI it checked out ok. Now the phone connection is showing LTE instead of just 4G, the APN and MMSC settings are still locked out but everything is working as it should. Yay : )
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    03-14-15 09:47 PM

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