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    Hello everyone,

    So I finally made the switch from my trusty Bold 9900 to a new Wind Mobile Q10. Wind had them on sale last week for $349 which is a great deal. Had some back and forth on wither to wait for Q20 or Q30 rumor device but decided with sale it was a no brainer. Johm Chen has said o. The Q earnings calls that they have some "real high end cool stuff" in the pipeline so those also sound promising as well.

    One issue I have with the Q10 which i was hoping some new Q10 owners could confirm with me was the build date. Looking at the box the build date appears to be June 19, 2013. Have any of the newer Q10 owners who have picked up the device gotten a newer model ??? I just want the feeling of having a newer built device for things like battery life since the battery is fresher.

    Coming from a BB7 device apps were not the biggest thing for me but I seem to have found a good 25 + apps on BB10 platform which is nice.

    Everyone on Crackberry has been very helpful and will look forward to some additional questions once I get this beast powered up.

    Thanks in advance,

    04-17-14 12:14 AM
  2. Soul_Est's Avatar
    Can't help much besides bumping the thread for better visibility.

    That said, I thought you were going to ask questions about the build quality of the device such as:
    • Any issues with the keyboard?
    • Any gaps in the housing?
    • Loose fitting battery covers?

    A Q10 from June 19, 2013 is rather new however. It is probably from one of the newest batches unless there was a manufacturing run for Q10's with AWS bands in Q3 or Q4.
    04-17-14 03:26 PM

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