12-22-14 09:37 PM
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  1. playfoot's Avatar
    Fully empathise.

    Another Q10 arrived by FedEx. And while it is great to be back to a PK after the Z30, a couple of issues quickly reared their collective ugly heads. One, as it relates to this thread is the battery cover. While it doesn't make it a noise, it FALLS off. In fact so easily, one might as well just glance in the general direction of the battery cover and it falls off. I think this is an advance stage of a creaky batter cover.

    Have fixed the issue for now, until I pass a shop selling a battery cover with a bit of "stick 'um", that white stuff used to hold posters on a wall.

    And the cover seems much more "plasticky" compared to my previous Q10's. So much so that it feels as if it is a fake, or a factory second....

    Oh well, as much as I love the Q10, in my experience, it is not the most consistent, well built example of BB technology.
    12-22-14 09:37 PM
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