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    I have a list of business contacts on gmail that I synced to my device. The way I have the contacts setup includes a 'notes' section on gmail that I've populated with items that I need to be able to search/browse for. However, it seems that when I search from the contact section it doesn't pickup anything from the notes section on gmail --it only picks up name, address, telephone number. I am trying to avoid moving ALL of the information from the notes section to another section.

    My current (iphone) will pick up whatever I put into the notes section when I'm in the contacts section. I REALLY need to figure out a solution for this before I can activate my bb, otherwise it simply will not work for what I need. I hate the iphone and I want to go back to the bb --help!!
    03-13-15 09:34 AM
  2. phtreehuggr's Avatar
    Welp, no one responded, but a friend found a solution for me so I thought I would post it in case anyone runs into the same issue. I can't post links yet, but the name of the app is Contact Search + through AppBrain
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    03-16-15 10:06 AM

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