1. caryjm's Avatar
    Hello users,
    I downloaded the new 10.2.1 release without a problem. However, when I am driving in the car and my q10 is paired to the bluetooth in my car, I get a recurring alert but cannot tell what it is for. There is a screen that flashes only momentarily and I see the brand name of my car, but it does not stay up long enough to read; and also the alert I hear, as if I am receiving a message. But there is none. Has anyone had this issue?
    03-22-14 12:40 PM
  2. anon721037's Avatar
    Delete it and when you redo it, just after pairing there is a pop up with 3 options pick one. Also make sure under advanced setting rsap is on.

    Posted on my Z30 on
    03-22-14 03:31 PM

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