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    Hello all, today I am posting about my recent experience with moving from my BlackBerry Z10 to a BlackBerry Q10.

    For a brief history of my torrid love affair with smartphones it all started with the Samsung SPH i-500 a clamshell device running a full color palm OS complete with graffiti input- this thing was ahead of its time (and ahead of my data plan, to my advantage) I had this when I was first starting to chat-it-up online with my wife, and the palm AOL IM client was great, back then data was billed as minutes and I had – on sprint – unlimited minutes past 7pm, so from 7pm to 7am my web browsing and aol chat was constant.

    After that, due to needing to be on the same plan of my /now fiancé/ I moved sadly to t-mobile an a Moto Razer, the Samsung back in its box (where it is today) and my initial stint with the yet-unnamed smartphone was over until I got a feature packed “feature phone” the LG-Lotus, a clam-shell feature phone with a full keyboard – at this time clam-shell was my die-hard need in a phone as I know I am VERY abusive to them and hate imperfections on my screen. This phone actually served me very well, and had – to this date – the best keyboard I have used on a phone- it had pushed exchange email, pushed Gmail, decent web browsing, easy text and MMS and a nice UI that moved and flowed quickly in and out of what I needed- one of the most (at the time) advanced “feature phones” – what it lacked was something that was quickly becoming a NEED at my then new job – Exchange Calendar.

    Enter the new Palm Pre my first actual “smart phone” it had a keyboard something that then became my “must have” as my wife’s Samsung touch-bar feature phone she got when I got my LG was horrendous at typing anything, or doing anything at all.

    The day I got my Pre I was in love and addicted, WebOS was intuitive, gesture based, had complete push on exchange, gmail (as many as you wanted!) and imap etc- something iOS and Android at the time could not provide… and of course complete exchange calendar. I was a very happy little camper, and the hype of the HTC Evo 4g hit my wife hard and she wanted me to get one with her- assuring my I would be able to type fine on that large of a touch screen- well we pre ordered etc. hers is still in our house all this time later and mine was returned within a week to go back to my pre- despite the sighs, looks and snickers of the Sprint employees.

    A crappy and terribad HP CEO, a Pre2 and Pre3 later I am left with shattered dreams cradling my broken and abused Pre3. Forced into a new eco-system I had a choice – Android or iOS… I chose neither as I could not stand their ways of work flow nor multi-tasking- passive was not a style I wanted… I remember BlackBerry was creating a new OS and have been following it on and off as I knew one day I would eventually have to get something other than WebOS.

    I got a used Z10 to see if I could adjust to the OS and at the same time give up my need for physical keyboards, being a hardware keyboard addict AND WebOS addict has put me on the fringes of the smartphone world- I should just die, or give up my personal likes and adapt to become a lifeless iPerson or literally become an android programed to accept the latest shiny high spec gizmo HTC, LG or Samsung have birthed this quarter.

    The Z10’s awesome virtual keyboard helped the transition, BB10’s active panes style of task management (although less intuitive or useful as card-based) helped me ease into something new from the old comfort of WebOS where I lived for so long everything was natural.
    The opportunity arose for me to get my hands on a Q10, the keyboard was still calling me, the announcement that the Q20 was not close and a good 6-9months away pushed me over the edge- or more should I say, on to the “EDGE from Verizon” and my Q10 came overnight to my door- once I turned it on it-self activated and self-replaced my Z10 on my plan and was fully activated and connected voice/3g/LTE literally out of the box- very nice Verizon!

    Now for my review (sorry I guess that was not really a SHORT history!)

    The Z10 to Q10 transition was like getting back into bed with a longtime lover you thought you did not want anymore, or at least that is what you told yourself because everyone was telling you so- everything clicked, literally- the keyboard…. Mama, I am home.

    Physical Device: The Z10 and Z30 are indeed “new hotness” much like all of the new droids etc. and I fully understand the need the BlackBerry has for those devices in order to have any chance in the consumer market. The Z10 to me was an odd mix of premium and midgrade materials and quality – a nice screen, but with too much bezel for a modern phone, a rubbery plastic back cover that is more utility in grip than perfection in craftsmanship.

    The Q10 outmatches the Z10 in quality, simply put… in every regard- perfect weight and feel in your hand, perfect feel with the back cover- the cool touch of the metal side casing- crisp sounds from every speaker exquisitely grilled and machined the Q10 is a marvel to behold, much like the “should have been first” Z30.

    OS: What? It’s the same! Yes, it is… but having an always there physical keyboard changes how you interact with your OS… This is where I give a Q10 a fault, the OS is not really designed around keyboards- I truly hope this changes with the Q20 and the return of the tool belt. When I first heard the tool belt was returning I was “okay, cool” not having used a Q10 – I just like physical buttons more than virtual in any application… but now I truly feel it is a need, and advancement (even if its ‘going back’) to the product- and I hope they get it right with the OS improvements. From things like the text box field not being selected automatically when goings into texts to other small things, the OS is obviously designed around the full screen virtual keyboard folks. BlackBerry is doing the right thing going “back” to the toolbelt and re-working the OS to be (hopefully) not only toolbelt friendly but keyboard focused.

    The first day, being used to not caring really about the accuracy of my typing I had a good amount of typos and fat fingered happenings with the keyboard but all of that quickly faded away and I was back to being more accurate and quicker with the physical keyboard than the virtual.

    The Z10 did not give me hope for the future of BlackBerry, the consumer market is oversaturated and over dominated having a focus on such things now is suicide to me- that that it should be abandoned, but it should be handled in the innate way that it started- in regards to BlackBerry. The consumer market of BlackBerry was never intentional- it was a side effect from everyone in the corporate world using one, it flowed downward and homeward. Will this be able to happen again? Today’s smartphone market is very different than it was a few years ago, and the marketing is more than observational and practical than it was… so who knows if the “status” of the BlackBerry user came return… all I know is when I set my Z10 down at the meeting table it was glanced at and questioned “BlackBerry? They exist still, and they make all touch phones?” to setting my Q10 down to instant recognition- I no longer have to place it upside down so people can see the BlackBerry logo- with looks and talk of “There are /new/ BlackBerries?!” each side of the coin negatively indicative of BlackBerrys failed marketing in the consumer and corporate side of the house.

    Mr. Chen, you indeed have a task ahead of you- one that seemingly you are working full time on. While I do not have much respect or enthusiasm for CEO’s coming from your past workings with SAP as I am sure every stock holder at HP would LOVE to thank you for sending Mr. Leo over the pond to us- I hope that BlackBerry does not see similar things happen.

    Thanks to all for reading, sorry it was long and maybe a bore- but to all those pining for the happy fields of a physical keyboard- fear not the Q10, embrace it and look onward to the Q20/Classic with open arms.
    04-28-14 09:42 AM
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    Nice story! I enjoyed reading it

    Posted with my BlackBerry
    04-28-14 09:52 AM

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