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    Would be very much appreciated if someone has any thoughts, opinions or guidance on the questions below;

    1. Does anyone know the likely cost of the above repair? I assume it will require, at the very least, soldering. And I guess, in the worst case scenario replacement of the motherboard as it seems charging port issues, in the worst case, cause damage to the board.

    2. Given the latest Q10 is on its second or third keyboard, is it even worthwhile to repair? Based on my expereince with the Q10, I am beginning to think it is just a lemon device - great while it works, but when it begins to fail, it just keeps going downhill....

    For the record, it has been confirmed it is not the battery. Not the battery leads, etc. All chargers and cables confirmed good. And has been to a Carrier service centre who recommend sending to BB.

    And if anyone from BB is actually reading the forums, this is one of the reasons I am not rushing out for the Passport or the soon to be released Classic - too many QC issues on the Q10. And not enough support from Carriers and ultimately BB.

    Thank you in advance.
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    10-16-14 09:25 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    The best bet is to see if there are any places around where you live to get this fixed and get a quote from them.
    10-23-14 06:24 PM
  3. playfoot's Avatar
    Thank you for your kind reply.

    However, all the local repair depots, either independent or branded, state the charging port is a repair that must go to BB. Apparently, the charging port can simply be a charging port, or it can mean the motherboard is damaged, etc.

    Have sent a number of emails to BB, but have yet to receive a response. And as my phone is SIM free and I am no longer in the country with the carrier I purchased the phone from, carriers in Canada are not giving me any assistance.

    It is for this reason, and of course ignoring all the other issues with my Q10's, why I am a bit envious of my wife and her iPhone. It doesn't matter where she purchased her phone, she always gets service and assistance ranging from Europe to Japan to the US and everywhere else direct from Apple.
    10-23-14 08:46 PM
  4. cartoon2007's Avatar
    sent my q10 to a repair shop. they claimed my port was fixed. it wasn't. dropped it back off. they claimed it was fixed again. it wasn't. I still have to hold my cable a certain way to charge my device. I want to buy another but I'm waiting to see the specs of the classic.

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    10-24-14 10:01 AM
  5. playfoot's Avatar
    I can feel for your frustration. It would seem the repair people were correct in their advice to me about the charging port requiring BB service.

    As someone with experience back to the 7XXX BB's, including the 9000, 9600 and 9900, my Q10's have been by far the most troublesome and unreliable. And to be frank, my standby SIM free Z30 is not without issues, albeit seemingly software / OS related.

    However, what frustrates me the most is the lack of desire and commitment by BB and its carriers to support the devices. To be fair, I think a large part of the challenge has been a combination of BB's fight to survive: for BB it has meant focusing on the next thing, drawing inwards and getting OS updates and Passport introduced. For carriers it has meant, at best, a wait and see approach to whether or not BB survives.

    One can not help but wonder how much of this frustration from loyal users seeps through to the curious, the potential buyers who might want to try a BB. Ultimately does this hold back new adopters of the phones and perhaps even drive the loyal away...
    10-24-14 11:30 PM

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