1. stills nate's Avatar
    Hello Q10 people,

    I have had my Q10 (Ver. for a couple of weeks now, it was a hand-me-down from a mate (decent hand-me-down). I've come from a Sony, but I have used CrackBerrys before so it's not all new to me.

    I am really liking this phone. However, I listen to a lot of music, and I am struggling to find ways to customise the stock music app.
    Are there any tricks or tips any users can give me for streamlining the use of the app. I know that the volume rockers can skip and replay songs, and sometimes I get the little widget to pop when I hit the rocker but it doesn't happen every time so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

    Is there any way to have a music widget on the lock screen?
    Is there any way to have a music widget on the drop down status bar?
    Is there any way to customise the action key?
    Is there any way to skip songs whilst on the "home" screen? (Instead of having to open the music app/use the volume rocker?)
    Is there a better music app out there? (Baring in mind that I don't stream music, podcasts and the like. I have all of my music on a SD card)

    I did read the Ten Best Music/Audio guide (won't let me post the link because of my noob status) but that seemed more for streaming, radio stations, and online content as oppose to byo-music apps.

    Any help is good help.
    Much thanks.
    04-26-15 09:29 PM
  2. moegh's Avatar
    U can change the music by long press the volume key in home screen and anywhere else !

    CB10 - Q10
    04-26-15 09:57 PM

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