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    When buying a MicroSD card for the Q10, which should I get: a Class 4 or the faster Class 10? I'll be using it to store music, videos, documents and photos.

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    03-21-15 06:47 PM
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    03-21-15 06:48 PM
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    I picked up a U1 on sale - unreal difference. When i restart my phone pics/vids/music load in an instant, on my old class 6 card it'd take at least 5 minutes. Def get the highest you can.
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    03-22-15 08:35 PM
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    I picked up a U1 on sale - unreal difference. When i restart my phone pics/vids/music load in an instant, on my old class 6 card it'd take at least 5 minutes. Def get the highest you can.
    Agreed. Class 10 is the way to go specially if you have the battery bundle and swap batteries.
    The class 10 Sony card I have populates and loads media after rebooting almost instantly when re-starting after swapping batteries.
    Used to take quite a while with my old (don't laugh) 2GB class 4 card I had and tried to use with my Q10 at first lol.

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    Class 10 is what I always look for now.

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    03-22-15 09:22 PM
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    You want to get the fastest possible that you can get for size and that your willing to pay for. The memory card i have in my Z10 does about 50MB/s write speeds.
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    03-22-15 09:31 PM
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    Thanks, all, for the much-needed information! Class 10 it is!

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    03-23-15 04:52 AM
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    I've been wondering about this as well.

    I currently have an older 8GB SanDisk class 4 - its working ok but it seems like file copying could be faster. The "A1 SD Bench" android app available in the Snap store rates my card at about 12MB/s read and 4MB/s write. When tested directly on my computer it gets around the same speed, so I think the phone is indeed maxing this card. Have any of you with UHS or class-10 cards done a benchmark directly on the phone? I'm curious how a Samsung Evo or SanDisk Extreme would compare to what I'm running now. If 20 bucks can double my write speeds I will definitely upgrade

    On a side note, I'm having a difficult time finding what SD spec the Q10 'officially' supports. I'm not able to find any documentation about the SD spec in this phone - whether its UHS-1, class10/6/4 etc. I'd guess its dependent on the snapdragon chipset and I think some others advertise as UHS capable, but I've not found any marketing material or otherwise on this feature. Maybe someone with more knowledge about the Q10's guts can chime in on this.
    03-23-15 10:15 AM
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    Buy what you can afford. I doubt Class 10 is much more than Class4 so I would not bother with Class 4.
    This is only very apparent when transferring to say a computer.

    Also apparent when you do Time-shift.
    03-23-15 10:36 AM
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    I have a couple of class 4 cards in my 9900 and Q10, and the real limitation is write speed, which makes sense since that's the only thing defined by the class (slightly under 4MB a second). The read speed, as noted above, can be much faster. So check the details of the card you're interested in buying.

    I don't do anything audio or video wise that has produced difficulties, but it took a long time to transfer 20GB of music to the cards. Fortunately, you don't have to do that often.

    Edit: I guess I should add that I agree that faster is better and that memory is always getting cheaper. I was just trying to convey a sense of expected experience.

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