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    I have a month old Q10 that I am really enjoying it.

    I constantly have to go back and forth between English and Korean letters and it can be annoying sometimes as I do not have Korean letters memorized.

    I would like to have Korean letters engraved on my keyboard like this https://www.google.ca/search?q=%EB%B...3D%3B800%3B500

    But I am in Canada and I don't know where I should go to have my keyboard engraved with Korean letters. And I do not want to buy a seperate keyboard either as my phone is still under warranty and I do not want to give that up.

    Any ideas?
    04-07-14 09:08 PM
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    If you're worried about warranty then you probably should rethink your engraving idea

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    04-07-14 10:04 PM
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    I think no laser engraver will do this, because there's no margin of error for power calibration and offset position
    The only way is to change the whole keypad

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    04-13-14 09:00 AM
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    No, since BlackBerry never formally produced Korean keyboard, the ones that are being sold are new English keyboards that were bought then laser engraved Korean letters before being sold. So I know it is possible.

    Yeah I guess laser engraving on my current Q10 would involve removing the keyboard and that would remove the warranty as well. Having said that, I don't think it would be fair for a keyboard replacement to. Invalidate the warranty on the entire phone. For instance, keyboard replacement should only invalidate the keyboard warranty and it should not affect warranty on the display and the rest of the phone.

    I would like to know if laser engraving is possible, without the removal of the keyboard.

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    04-13-14 10:14 AM
  5. skstrials's Avatar
    I found a video clip of a laser engraving done on a Q10 keyboard.

    It can be done without the keyboard being removed. And I don't think it would void the warranty.

    Now, I have to find someone in my area, who can do this
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    09-19-14 04:14 PM
  6. B_Berry's Avatar
    Unfortunately I can't read Korean. But I found a Korean website that I think they sell a dual letters Korean Hangul character and alphabets keyboard membrane ---> Q10 Korean keyboard.
    09-19-14 09:25 PM
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    Try this silicon skin. It has Korean keys on it.
    h-t-t-p-s://www (dot) byble (dot) co (dot) kr/?pn=product.view&pcode=U9520-Q7806-M2860#none
    Sorry about this crazy link policy. I tried much, but since I'm new, it doesn't allow me to post links here so figure out what h-t-t-p-s... and (dot)s are. :-)
    "블랙베리 클래식 전용 해녀복 케이스 2.0 (한글각인 개선판) : 블랙"
    It's from Korean market site where they sell smartphone accessories.
    I'm still debating whether to switch from Samsung galaxy line to BB.

    The only reason I ditched BB is because I couldn't find asian keyboards. Well, not only keyboards but also it didn't support any input whatsoever. Shame. Glad that they at least have it now.

    I know BB cannot compete at Korean home ground where Sammy, LG and Pentech are competing crazy. For that reason they quit??? Shame. Win Korean market, you win both Japan, China, and other East Asian markets.
    04-18-15 09:17 PM
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    I'd love a korean key option but end of day virtual keyboards win along this front.

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    04-18-15 09:35 PM
  9. Magnetic_dud's Avatar
    It's this ??? ??? ?? ??? ???
    10 usd isn't too much expensive, also
    smart idea

    But, if select Korean input on a Q10, how does it work?
    Can't just type romaja?
    This is faster?
    04-19-15 01:10 AM