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    I just thought about buying the charger bundle as my battery just holds for one day. I remember when I bought the Q10 for the first time (then sold it for getting the Z30) I bought the holster and charger bundle. It was the bestest combo.

    So when my Iphone friends were getting sad because their juice was about coming to an end, I just smiled very arrogant and get my charger bundle out of my pocket.

    And now I thought it is time to buy that again! Also I was thinking about getting a hardshell! Oh yes. As a huge leather holster fan, I often had those situations: I am outside. On my hand my keys/bag and then the phone rings. I take the phone outta my jacket, take my Q10 out of my holster and... I missed the call because I take CAREFULLY my device out of the holster.

    So I thought about a hardshell case. At first I wanted one in white. But at the end, it was a black one of course. It looks more business. No need to get attention.

    So thats it! I just thought to do some fun to my Q10 and prolonge the BB experience!

    Oh by the way: The charger bundle is a huge advantage. I mean sure. The Passport or Classic will have huge batteries. BUt still. What if you have to charge it in the day???

    So the Q10 fraction just swipe out a freshly packed battery and thats it!!!!

    Long live Blackberry!

    Photos from the internets! Package will come from Amazon (bestest service) in 2 days:

    11-30-14 05:11 PM
  2. joewoo's Avatar
    I jus bought the bundle... and the hardshell is nice.. I got both
    Just bought some stuff for my Q10-img_20141130_210803.jpg
    11-30-14 08:08 PM

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