1. Daniel Kingsbury's Avatar
    I am currently having an issue with connecting a hotmail account to my Q10. I had it connected before with no issues, then I added a 2-step authenticator to my hotmail account. This disconnected my hotmail from my blackberry, and when trying to add in the account, would not give me an option to add in the authenticator code, but would simply say incorrect information. SO, i removed the authenticator from my hotmail and can now sign in to it without the code from a computer, or my browser, but when trying to sync the account it always says incorrect password now. I have already tried changing my password, it still will not let me connect.

    Anyone else had this problem and/or know of a solution? Any help would be appreciated, thanks
    07-19-13 01:21 AM
  2. Lendo's Avatar
    Welcome to the Forums. Did you delete the account from the phone and then re add it?
    07-19-13 01:26 AM
  3. Daniel Kingsbury's Avatar
    Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I tried that too. Still received the same message; "Your login information for account (myemailaddress@live.com) has changed or is incorrect. Update your login information and try again."
    07-19-13 01:30 AM
  4. Lendo's Avatar
    Try using the mobile website to send an email.

    Posted via CB10 from my B@d@ss Z10
    07-19-13 02:31 AM
  5. Daniel Kingsbury's Avatar
    Mobile website works fine, its just actually syncing it with my phone so I can use it with bb hub that won't work.
    07-19-13 02:12 PM
  6. LSKEL's Avatar
    Hi there- I just came across this issue yesterday and cannot find any solution!! Called my service provider and they were useless as well. Did you, or ANYONE for that matter, ever find a solution to this?? If so- PLEASE tell me the details. Thanks
    03-11-14 11:01 AM
  7. Alejandro Gaxiola's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue. BB does not let me put any authentication code when trying to access the outlook.com account. Can do it on the mobile website but can not sync on the BB hub. Any solution yet?
    02-13-15 03:10 PM

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