1. mf-ibmj's Avatar
    Hello to you good people that still believe in BB;

    I, like most of us, got used to using Pandora all the time during my time in the US. Now that I moved back to the middle east for work, I am struggling getting through my day without a reliable-working internet radio service.
    So here comes my question, does anyone know of an internet music PHONE APP (either for the Q10 or the 9900) that works in thew middle east (specifically in Saudi Arabia)?

    If not, would you recommend a specific vpn or a proxy service for the Q10 or the 9900 that would allow me to run Apollo (on the Q10) or Pandora (on the 9900)?

    Your help would be GREATLY appreciated.
    12-11-13 12:36 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Have you tried this????

    TuneIn Radio - BlackBerry World

    Works on both the Q10 and the 9900
    12-11-13 08:38 AM

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