1. boxer13's Avatar
    This is getting more frequent. Q10 won't charge off from the computer or from the cube. I got three batteries and swapped them out and same effect. I swapped out cables and the cables are fine. It's like I have to move the cable and/or Q10 around to find the sweet spot and even then it might lose the connection. I can't get it to connect to BB Link but that might be a software issue, (the old uninstall and reinstall). Q10 shows up on File Explorer but that's sometimes hit or miss.

    Think it's the USB port that's dying? If it is, how hard is it to swap out? I replaced the headphone port and that was a breeze.
    01-17-18 03:54 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    The USB port is probably bad. As for how difficult it is to swap out, I'm not sure. I would use caution though, using the line of thinking that more depends on the ISB port than the head phone jack.
    01-17-18 08:06 PM
  3. boxer13's Avatar
    Changing out the USB port requires soldering which I don't have the skill nor the tools for. Anyway, I got the Q10 charging via USB connected to my computer but I can only connect to BB Link through wifi but not through the USB so I can't backup anything. I uninstalled and reinstalled BB Link and Blend but it doesn't recognize it through the USB. I just unplugged it and the lightning bolt is still flashing, as if it thinks it's still being charged. Restarted it, and it doesn't think it's still charging but it doesn't recognize the SIM card. Restarted it again and it recognizes the SIM card but now it's plugged back into the computer and the Q10 in Networks & Connections says the USB is not connected. Wiggled the USB port and now it's connected to the computer. I love the Q10's size but I guess it's time for a new phone since it seems the Q10 is getting a bit unreliable unless if there's a quick fix.
    01-17-18 11:21 PM

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