1. joejuck's Avatar
    I've been using instant action or whatever it's called on my Q10 since I've been able to. It saves so much time. But I can't seem to get it to work on

    Maybe it's to come on future release. And I mean the "text...." "tw....." "bbm...." etc.

    Posted via CB10
    09-03-14 06:39 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Keep in mind that 10.3 isn't officially released. What we're all using is a leaked OS and those are prone to all sorts of bugs since it's not really a finished product.
    09-03-14 07:50 PM
  3. bkgobe's Avatar
    I'm using the latest leak of 10.3 and my instant actions are working on my Q10.

    Posted via CB10
    09-03-14 08:20 PM
  4. EvEr34's Avatar
    Working for me also.

    Posted via CB10
    09-03-14 09:21 PM
  5. joejuck's Avatar
    Yeah I'm aware it's not a final version of the OS. But if I try to type "text....." it doesn't work. Or even "tw........" it doesn't work. Is there maybe a setting for this? Do you people have bb virtual assistant working? (bb virtual assistant works for me)

    Posted via CB10
    09-03-14 11:55 PM
  6. joejuck's Avatar
    Okay they work just fine. It's just somethings don't work the same as in 10.2.1. It's not as fast by the number of steps involved. But it's not bad

    Posted via CB10
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    09-03-14 11:58 PM
  7. JRF_1986's Avatar
    Yeah I noticed that too. Before, I could type "tw" and then type a tweet and bingo, sent! Now, I have to type out "tw" and select "tweet" and then type out my tweet. Haven't found a way to change that.

    Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!
    09-04-14 12:10 AM
  8. all3n7's Avatar
    Stop complaining for incomplete unofficial version. You've been warned!!! Load at your own risk. Ugh!!

    " Initiated from my QNX10 "
    09-04-14 02:17 PM

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