1. k0sld's Avatar
    > instant action "mail" only lets me use my touchdown account to send

    New Q10 user here. I just switched over from my iphone 5S since I'm not a huge fan of ios7. I'm keeping the 5S and using it on wifi for the games but trying to use the q10 as the daily device if I can get everything set how I like.

    So my issue is I have two exchange email accounts. One for home (GoDaddy exchange email) and one for work (hosted at our company). I have email set up as follows. I have my home exchange account set up on the device and am using the hub to access it without any problems. I have my company exchange account set up in the "Touchdown" app since I prefer to access work email that way. I'm also not having any issues accessing my touchdown work email.

    But, if I try to use the instant action keys to send a mail by typing "mail" or "mail recipient name" it always opens touchdown (and my corp email) with no choice to choose my home email. I've set my home email as the default send account in settings/accounts/ set defaults menu. Actually only my home account shows up in that menu as an option. So, why doesn't the instant action of mail default to my "defaulted" email account?

    03-24-14 03:11 PM
  2. AnimalPak200's Avatar
    when you start typing "mail" and invoke the instant action, try tap and holding on the instant action "mail" bar... it might bring up a menu option to "open in" on the right hand side since you have another e-mail app installed. If it does, just tap on "open in" and then it should give you the option to select one and set as default. Unfortunately I don't have an additional e-mail client other than the hub so I can't really test it myself.
    03-24-14 04:14 PM
  3. k0sld's Avatar
    Thanks, I just gave it a try. It did open a menu but the menu was empty with no options to choose.
    03-24-14 05:01 PM
  4. k0sld's Avatar
    Just wanted to leave an update on this. I gave up on Touchdown. I searched until I found out how to set my work email so that it would not show up in the Hub, only in it's own account. Since that let me keep my home and work email apart I just added my work exchange mail along with my home exchange mail to BB10. Setting the default to my home email is working now. I can also easily select the sending account now.
    03-25-14 03:59 PM

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