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    I love Blackberry, and have enjoyed both my Q10 and Z10; my wife and kids each have a Z10 (5 BB10 devices in the family). However at the end of the day I need a device that works, and sadly this thing is failing me left and right. Most of my problems are OS based.

    #1 - I am currently out of the US for a pretty long time, and desperately need T-Mobile' wifi calling feature to work, but it's about as reliable as a paper umbrella on the Q10. I have only managed to get the service up twice in the last 2 weeks. I'd say this has something to do with being out of the country, but a friend of mine who came out here with me is also on T-Mobile, (with an iPhone [boooo]) and has zero problems. I am not a big fan of Apple, but all my making fun of her iPhone is starting to look pretty silly while she makes phone calls/txt over wifi, and I do not (sans BBM) everyday.

    #2 I haven't been able to open Blackberry World for weeks now. I would love to buy some apps, update some apps... However every time I open BB world I get the infamous connection error. I tried going in through the Games app, and even starting in the web browser, but Blackberry World is a no go for me.

    #3 My online Google contacts are constantly disappearing from the Contacts app (all of them). Nothing more frusterating then needing to make a call, and randomly having no contacts.

    I would attempt a reload, but I just did one a month ago, at the request of BB support, to fix an entirely different issue (Q10 was factory resetting every time the battery ran out - problem seems to be solved). Mostly, I do not want to reload this pig and risk still being down on Blackberry World after the reload; that would make a new device inevitable... I absolutely hate having a finicky device, so here I am in the middle of no where looking at Android devices... These problems might just kill my dream of owning a Blackberry Passport before the device even comes out.

    Ugh - Is the 10.3 release stable enough for an everyday user yet? I am genuinely loosing my mind.
    09-09-14 04:57 PM
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    What os version are you using right now?

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    09-09-14 05:01 PM
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    To OP, why try backup phone. Then reload your OS from BlackBerry Link. Then u can confirm whether your problem #1,#2 still exist. #3 I don't use Google as contact list. So I can't comment

    Start from scratch is not a bad choice
    09-09-14 05:15 PM
  4. elfabio80's Avatar
    BB world problem can be related to the country where you actually work. It was the same for me in South Sudan.
    In DR Congo I had the same problem, but it was related to the fact that my BB world was not updated to the last version.
    Anyway I had the same problems both with BB 7 and BB10. It may depends from the country you are actually are.

    Sorry for that! I hope you may solve soon.

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    09-09-14 06:01 PM
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    iPhone on TMobile does not support wifi calling. Are you sure your friend is calling over wifi? He/She might end up with a huge roaming phone bill.

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    09-09-14 06:48 PM
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    Based on my personal experience, Blackberrys do not seem to be as functional as say iPhone or Android phones for people who travel overseas.

    One problem is the different frequencies/models that BlackBerry comes in, which are not all compatible when you go to other countries and switch sims. For example, when I travel to Kazakhstan on business from the US, I can use a local sim in my STL100-1 Z10 that I bought from the UK, but the same sim does not work in my SQN100-5 Q10, which I bought from Amazon that works perfectly on T-Mobile in the US.

    The other is that BB's and their sites are not supported (or are restricted) in some countries (like Iran), hence you will not be able to access BlackBerry World.

    I agree, it's really frustrating! But, since I can't let my BB's go, I end up carrying two phones (a BB and a non-BB) to get by.

    Posted via Z10
    09-09-14 08:33 PM
  7. zombiecupcake's Avatar
    You might be in an area that's not in t-mobiles coverage map. That's the only reason I could think that your wi-fi calling isn't working :/ although it could be a software issue, rather than a signal issue.
    And as for the app store, you mentioned that you already did a reset/reload. Have you updated to the latest OS software available from your carrier? If you already have done that, try using blackberry webstore on your computer and downloading it onto your phone with software link. If THAT doesn't do the trick I don't know what will, seeing as you've tried pretty much everything else.
    If you're a frequent traveller perhaps you should look into world sim
    09-09-14 08:52 PM

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