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    Hello all. As you can all see after the update of 10.3.1. you have quick edit menu in HUB. However, comparing to my brother's Z10 it seems that on Q10 it doesn't work propoperly. On the screen shots you can see that on my Q10 only one row is showing for native BB apps "quick reply" and for not native apps that don't support quick reply you can see only delete. On my brother's Z10 you can see both rows so you can delete or quick reply. Any idea why is that? Do you face this issue as well?

    HUB - Quick reply or delete option not working properly-comparison.png
    02-26-15 06:23 AM
  2. blueyestm's Avatar
    did you set up your hub instant actions to both do something
    kamilosg likes this.
    02-26-15 12:06 PM

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