1. jamesand313's Avatar
    So my phone is synced with my car. Everything works fine, calls, voice calls, etc but when I try to play media files from my phone or via the Web, I hear nothing. It's definitely in sync with my Ford Taurus but audio from media files doesn't play. Is that normal? Has anyone ever played songs via bluetooth from their blackberry in their car?

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    03-23-15 04:50 PM
  2. hugh_jorgan's Avatar
    I play music wirelessly from my BlackBerry on several different devices, including in 2 cars. Have you opened a music app on your phone to play the music from?

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    03-23-15 05:01 PM
  3. GreenCopperz's Avatar
    Connect to your car's Bluetooth. Open the music app. Press the button with 3 dots on bottom right. Select Audio and select Bluetooth.
    How to play music in car via bluetooth from blackberry?-img_20150323_180758.png

    03-23-15 05:09 PM
  4. jamesand313's Avatar
    Yeah, I go to my Music App. I hear nothing. Do you usually have to pair with the car first?

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    03-23-15 05:09 PM
  5. jamesand313's Avatar
    I did that as well. The bluetooth/car is in-sync but when I play audio files, nothing comes out. The audio is playing but nothing is heard from the phone or bluetooth synced car.

    I'm just sick of AUX cords because they usually goes bad.

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    03-23-15 05:11 PM
  6. GreenCopperz's Avatar
    Did you check the volume switch when playing? The ones on the side? My phone keeps track of the volume levels separately for ring tones and media etc.

    03-23-15 05:13 PM
  7. GreenCopperz's Avatar
    Also, sometimes your Ford Sync may need to be updated to the newest software, this is usually done by going online somewhere on the Ford website and downloading to a USB thumb drive.

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    03-23-15 05:14 PM
  8. jamesand313's Avatar
    Yesssss that worked! I love my intelligent Blackberrians!

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    03-23-15 06:45 PM
  9. GreenCopperz's Avatar
    Yesssss that worked! I love my intelligent Blackberrians!

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    Great! Glad to help. Enjoy your tunes :-)

    03-28-15 01:45 PM
  10. jamesand313's Avatar
    Another tip for users who may have trouble...click AUX, select source, and select Bluetooth, then select your phone.

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    03-28-15 04:58 PM
  11. opteron7's Avatar
    In your car radio settings you need to select bluetooth as your audio source. Once done it will pick up the phone everytime as the radio source when selecting aux. That's how it worked in my last 4 cars.

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    03-28-15 06:38 PM

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