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    The first Q10 I received had a space bar that I could push down on the side and one side would get stuck in the pressed position and I would not be able to click the spacebar from the side.

    Now on my replacement device, I can click the space bar from the side, and the space bar does not get stuck on the side edge like my first device, but the space bar still has more side to side play than the rest of the keys.

    Is this to be expected as the space bar is the longest key? On my replacement Q10, I can still make the spacebar wobble side to side by pushing on the edge left and right. However, the side edge does not get stuck like my first device.

    Since I can click the space bar from the sides and the spacebar sides do not get stuck and I'll just keep this phone,but still the space bar does have more play than the rest of the keys.

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    03-20-14 09:31 PM
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    My spacebar sticks as well.

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    03-20-14 10:47 PM
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    Okay just to add to my original post, upon further testing my spacebar, it seems that the left edge pointed in red has noticeably less keyboard travel than the rest of the spacebar. However, the red ledge edge area still does click and I can still put space, it just takes a bit of extra force.

    Interestingly, when I actually type, I am able to hit the flat top of the space bar, and I have never missed a space because of the left edge thing.

    How much spacebar "wobble" is normal?-blackberry-q10-keyboard.jpg

    So what I want to ask others is, since it is my second Q10, and is there any point in getting it replaced or is this considered a norm for Q10 spacebar?
    03-21-14 12:19 AM
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    Oh! I have this problem after my first keyboard replacement. I went back to BlackBerry service center and they replaced a new keyboard for me again.

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    03-21-14 12:55 AM
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    Yeah, it is actually easier for me to hit the flat center part of the space bar every time, as is right now, I can live with this.

    Keep in mind, this is my first Blackberry phone, so I am just not sure what the normal keyboard is supposed to be like.

    Basically, it would be nice if I could meet with another Crackberry user and have him/her try the spacebar and tell me if it's normal or not, but I just cannot trust a phone seller telling me it is normal.

    Anyways, I will keep my eyes open for a Q10 user around me. Lol
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    Yea man I got my first q10 and the keyboard was fine but the camera literally had no lense soo I replaced and got the device I use now...I too noticed the spacebar was a little "looser" compared to all the others and sometimes makes a small creak noise when pressing down on it, but I think this is just due to it having two contact points and a little over reacting lol I wouldn't worry about it if it doesn't affect the functionality of the phone, I got over it and hardly think about it anymore tbh. Just gotta realize nothings perfect I guess

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    05-26-14 02:49 AM
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    Mine has none. All the keys are tight after a year of abuse.

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    05-26-14 07:00 AM

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