01-29-15 09:04 PM
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  1. Heinz Katchup's Avatar
    Already is. BlackBerry has abandoned AMOLED display devices. Get a Classic or Passport and join team IPS.

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    01-09-15 11:15 PM
  2. AidenSurvival's Avatar
    Let me get 500 dollars out of my imaginary bank of broke.
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    01-09-15 11:30 PM
  3. Heinz Katchup's Avatar
    Just turn a couple tricks on your nearest street corner. You'll have that $500 in no time flat.

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    01-09-15 11:54 PM
  4. leglace1's Avatar
    Already is. BlackBerry has abandoned AMOLED display devices. Get a Classic or Passport and join team IPS.

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    01-10-15 05:24 PM
  5. bqik's Avatar

    having those specs with hdmi out it is a very nice multimedia device for upcoming years!

    still using my 9900 and passport.

    don't find the 9900 obsolete, it does his job very well.

    01-19-15 06:22 AM
  6. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    For as long as you believe it to be relevant, it will not be obsolete. It doesn't matter what anybody else believes it to be. I'm using one right now and I think it's great.

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    01-19-15 07:32 AM
  7. zombiecupcake's Avatar
    The current market is pushing out mid-range phones with worse specs than the Q10 has, there's no way it's obsolete

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    01-19-15 07:56 AM
  8. WolfangAukang's Avatar
    If something is really good for you, obsolete will never be a word to describe it, even in decades. I have a 8 y.o. PC and even if its components are pretty difficult to find nowadays, it is still my workplace. It is still useful to do what I do.

    So if the Q10 becomes useful enough for you, the "obsolete" thing won't be a worry.
    01-20-15 12:01 AM
  9. Lithtech's Avatar
    I have a server from 1998 runs linux... used as a file/game server

    Pentium ii is old as he'll but to this day it still does what I want it to.

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    01-20-15 03:11 AM
  10. Ohnoesfb Lolok's Avatar
    I love my Q10
    Am I walking around with a obsolete phone that blackberry is phasing out ?
    I'll answer your first question first which is the thread title "how long till Q10 is obsolete"
    My answer is until YOU decide it is obsolete for YOUR needs
    Now for the second question that I've quoted "Am I walking around with a obsolete phone that blackberry is phasing out ?"
    Answer: it doesn't matter if you don't get software updates anymore from BB as long as the device performs what YOU want, it is not obsolete

    I'll add another question "are old school home telephones with no digital display obsolete". The answer is subjective but if you ask me I would say no
    01-22-15 03:13 PM
  11. Skidoo583's Avatar
    It's going to happen tomorrow. Hurry and put it up for sale

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    01-23-15 05:51 AM
  12. Overlake's Avatar
    Q10 is the best BlackBerry released to date imho. Markedly better than the obsolete 9900.

    I had them all including the passport and classic. Q10 has the ideal form factor for productivity.

    Pure gesture design made for bb10
    Removeable batt
    Best proportioned keyboard

    My daily driver and im moving away from the iphone6 which is no small feat. Passport and classic couldnt get it done.

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    01-23-15 06:58 AM
  13. Befuddledberry's Avatar
    It's obsolete as far as Sprint is concerned. So disappointing. I called Sprint after calling Sprint stores in Florida and Michigan and was told you can only get the Q10 (only one they carry) by phone sales. The sales person at the Sprint store asked why I wanted a BB as "everybody" is returning them. The phone salesperson nearly fainted when I ordered one. It's a great phone. I've got a 2013: SQN 100-4 (which is maybe a later build?) so hopefully I won't have the double typing issue but if I do I'll have the keyboard replaced. If BB comes out with devices I'd want in 2-3 years beyond Passport (another great phone) I may have to switch carriers to get one. Sprint won't miss me. They only want teenagers who grew up with Android in their stores now.
    01-23-15 09:12 AM
  14. blackburberry's Avatar
    It's obsolete when it's only good to use as a bottle opener.

    Any then when beer only comes in a can and the last bottle is dry, will it be taken down from shopblackberry's new product listing.
    01-23-15 10:28 AM
  15. CEctech25's Avatar
    I put down my q10, once I got my passort. However, it's on at&t and i have a 3.1 leak running on the q10 just fine. My buddy's q10 is still running on the 10.2 os. At&t probably won't do an over the air update for 3.1 until 2017. So I say you have at minimum 2 more solid years. Heck my 9900 is still usable if I ever need it.

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    01-23-15 06:14 PM
  16. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    As already alluded to, it's obsolete only when YOU say it is. As long as it fulfills your needs, enjoy your device!
    01-23-15 06:57 PM
  17. Overlake's Avatar
    I have an i6, had an i6plus, passport and classic in the past three months... and I still spent over $200 to pickup a new q10 and I love this little bugger. it is better than the passport and classic imho and superior to the beloved 9900.

    Says a lot.

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    01-23-15 07:39 PM
  18. el_loko's Avatar
    I bought this beauty today and it is a dream.
    Came from some androids and iphones.

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    01-23-15 09:28 PM
  19. barisxpeace's Avatar
    when do you think BlackBerry considers Q10 obsolete? (i mean updates)

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    01-24-15 02:47 AM
  20. anon(9155131)'s Avatar
    A phone essentially based on communication can't be obsolete.
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    01-24-15 04:35 AM
  21. Onno77's Avatar
    Have been an Android user en iphone user for years. Bought a Q10 for a low amount two or a couple of weeks ago. Was meant as a work phone. Now my daily driver. Have not looked back at my other phones. Probably the best phone I own.
    If the phone works and you still love it, it will never be obsolete.

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    01-24-15 07:31 AM
  22. jmhaines's Avatar
    Bold 9900 is still supported. Q10 is only 2 years old. Classic just released on the same hardware. Stop worrying about this.

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    01-24-15 06:10 PM
  23. smitty1077's Avatar
    My girlfriend just replaced her Q10 with a Z30 at Christmas. The phone isn't completely obsolete, but it's been replaced already by BlackBerry.

    Posted from my  BlackBerry Z30
    01-24-15 07:47 PM
  24. daradm's Avatar
    The Q10 must be good ... its the only new BB that Sprint will offer to its Blackberry base. If you don't like that, their web site forum folks say to go to ATT! What an abysmal company.

    That aside, I've had my Q10 for 16 months, and despite all the new products out since, find that I like my Q10 more than ever. There is so much you can do via the keyboard, that is not apparent at first. I learn from the forum new tricks all the time, to make things simpler and quicker i.e. to satisfy the newbie and experienced power users. Don't need the trackpad. Only thing I'd like are touch-sensitive keys to scroll about web pages without inadvertently selecting links.
    01-24-15 08:12 PM
  25. desmondbitdian's Avatar
    I'm sure it's rather subjective to justify the. Term obsolete. Depending how you see them. I still have my 9790 running well, upgraded to Q10 because of the new OS to see what the fuss is all about. Since the Z10 and the Q10 was the flagship "pioneer" for the 10 OS, I doubt it will be obsolete any time soon. With the new OS 10.3 arriving soon, it can still go 5-7 years down the road. The question still based on the user's need of a better specs in term of hardware to cater for one's need. For better productivity and serious e-mailing, stay with the qwerty device, for gaming and such, go for the full touchscreen. On that note, been loving the Q10 since I've got them last October.
    Just my 2 cents.

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    01-24-15 08:23 PM
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