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    I was using an Iphone, and then the wifi greyed out. Did the hair dryer trick. Wifi came back, then two months later went bye bye again and Apple will not do anything for me (shocker). Went to Windows Phone Lumia 520 because it was cheap. While I love WP 8.1, At Bat is horrid on there and WP 8. I'm not due on ATT for an upgrade until November but I can Upgrade to the q10 for 15 bux a month with NEXT. I hate typing on a touch screen as I have big hands. The only APP I have ever cared about was AT BAT. So anyone on here can tell me how it runs? On WP it constantly buffers audio. It was flawless on Iphone. I really want to come back to BB and start using BB10 but this would be the deal breaker, as crazy as it sounds. Thanks.
    05-23-14 07:02 PM
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    I'm a big MLB fan and at bat works perfect. I tried using the Android app, but it had a few bugs and lagged a bit.

    Once I payed for the MLB app for BB10 on my Q10, it was night and day. Everything works great! It's my favorite app by far!

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    05-23-14 07:05 PM

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