1. vision1961's Avatar
    I have a Q10 running

    I have always had problems with my contacts in that sometimes I search for a person and their entry is found - another time not, or sometimes I get the name displayed but no email address, phone number etc. Also if I say search for 'John Doe' - I get a list of 6 John Does - each with the same or varying data stored in them.

    I discovered that if I go Contacts > John Doe > Linked Profiles there are 4 entries for each person namely: Local Contacts, NV53 (my laptop) Gmail and SIM - again each has varying amounts of personal information stored behind it.

    Also, sometimes and seemingly very randomly without known cause, a contact name will appear twice in my contacts list with identical information stored there - yet clearly I have not/would not re-add all that data!!

    So my question now is this.... how do I get one contact record per person with all of their data stored in that same location. Can anyone help with plain English step-by-step instruction on how to amend/correct this issue because it is a constant frustration.

    04-27-14 06:11 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I purchased an app called ContactX. The app deletes duplicates, merges them based on name or information and allows you to back them up. Honestly, everytime I upgrade my OS, my contacts are messed up.

    Is the ALL tab chosen in your contacts app on your phone? Start there. What about the email account that you use to sync them? Is the info updated there?
    04-27-14 06:15 AM
  3. vision1961's Avatar
    Yes the ALL tab is selected - thanks.
    Re: Email sync - I haven't synced the email to the phone in quite a while because a moderator here told me that is what was causing the duplication!
    04-27-14 06:32 AM
  4. momofteme's Avatar
    I only use my gmail for contacts, no sim, local, or any other email account syncs contacts. I have only had my Q a month or so, but from everything I was reading, the trouble comes from the multiple sources of contacts, so I just made sure my Gmail list was accurate, and that is the only one I sync, or mess with. so far, I have no contact issues, but I can see with my handful of BBM contacts being synced also, how it could cause confusion.
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    04-27-14 02:04 PM

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