1. Ann Neulicht's Avatar
    I often send myself reminder emails (not the most efficient method, but it works for me).

    Recently, these emails started bouncing back and I just realized that extra characters have been inserted in my email address before my user name (e.g. when I start to type my name, the contact automatically pops up...and the email attached to it starts with extra quotation marks: " " ) The "from" line is my correct email address, but the actual email doesn't go through because of the extra characters.

    I have deleted my name in the contact list, and re-entered it with the correct email. This didn't make a difference.

    Don't know how this happened..How do I undo it?
    03-25-14 10:42 PM
  2. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    KB34771-BlackBerry 10 smartphone shows email suggestions for recipients in "To", "Cc", and "Bcc" fields

    Looks like you are out of luck currently. You could try removing the email address entirely and re-adding. Not sure if that would clear it or not. A backup, wipe, restore all EXCEPT settings *may* also clear this.
    03-26-14 06:19 AM
  3. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Welcome to CB btw, sorry I could not be more helpful.
    03-26-14 06:19 AM

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